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  1. Version 1.6.1 has been remarkable stable for me. As good as 1.3.1 so far...
  2. The new feature are really looking nice, and I do look forward to seeing them. But I'm really worried. The bugs in this game are building to a point that it's almost unplayable, at least for me. Game stutter (frozen for 3 - 5 seconds every 20 - 30 seconds), memory leakage, progressive refresh degradation, LT-2 landing leg bugs, Large Landing gear bugs. The 1.5.1 defect list is long and getting difficult to work around. Please take an extra month or so and get the core game working better! Pretty Please!!
  3. I disagree with the term 'Polished'. Adding improved artwork is really great. Love it. But I cannot call this game 'polished' with the number of bugs and severe memory leakage I encounter at every turn. My latest example: launch an SSTO to orbit. Takes a while, thanks to the stutter caused by poor garbage collection. Perfmon shows pretty steady memory leakage the whole time too. But I eventually make it and everything looks great. Now 'Switch to' another orbiting ship, and immediately 'Switch to' back. Both of my 'Medium Landing Gear' are now rotated all out of whack. Every 'Switch to' rotates them to a new random position. Makes landing impossible! I managed to manually edit the 'persistent.sfs' game file to fix the orientation, but I suspect only a handful of gamers would be able to do that. That should never be needed with a 'polished' game. My opinion of KSP is that it's at the far opposite end of the 'polished' spectrum right now...
  4. Keep those bug fixes coming! Thanks Squad!!
  5. Keep those patches coming! They are much appreciated and the game is really starting to shape up nicely now! Thanks. (And First!)
  6. Woohoo!! I've been waiting for this to update from 1.3.1 and get the DLC! Thanks Squad!
  7. Very cool! Can't wait for the 1.4.2. bug-fix release! (and First!!)
  8. I can see both sides of this debate. Like HarvestR once said, too much information could make the game too easy. But, as I found out the hard way, the more complex and advanced stuff is too frustrating without basic information to be fun. At least for me. So it depends on how you're playing: as a game vs a realistic simulator. It depends on your own view, perspective, and goals. In the real world, you would simulate the crap out of a spacecraft before first launch: for those folks information is essential. (this is me, by the way) As a challenging game: too much information makes it too easy. (this is me too) Trying to appease both sides is a challenge! Maybe some kind of Career-based gradual roll-out of information so the early game is fun and the later game is still fun? Add the ability to override as you wish and everyone wins.
  9. I'm curious why you don't install KER? It's the first thing I add after a new release. My research so far indicates KER works with 1.4, although I'm still gonna waiting for 1.4.2 because bugs, well, bug me and it sounds like 1.4.1 still has its fair share of em...
  10. Second Nice dev notes guys. Sounds like solid progress. Keep up the good work!
  11. I would be honored!! (uh, I need to sit down and stop hyper-ventilating, KasperVld liked my post! I'm not worthy...)
  12. I would love to help Squad, but just don't have the time to do it properly. As a seasoned software dev (20+ years hardcore software development), I know exactly what this will take. Running buggy pre-release software is not fun, it's tedious and takes time and effort. Daily downloads to make sure you're on the latest version. Planning how you want to exercise the game for maximum coverage. Carefully note the problems you encounter, and repeat to make sure you have the repro down. Remember, this should help the Developers: be precise, include screen shots, dig into the logs for specific error messages, run PerfMon to monitor memory usage, use the Debug menu, collect crash dumps, know the directory structure in general, and the layout of the sfs files in particular. It's work, not play. If none of that rings a bell, you might want to pass this by. If only I had more time available...