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  1. Was really just by happenstance that I came across this game. I was in my second semester of a Planetary Geology class and one of the semester projects was to design a Mars rover mission. While looking for pictures of rover parts during a search, it showed some mods from the game. Curiosity, and slight ADD took hold and I took a further look. I downloaded the demo, noticed I wanted/needed mods and threw my money at them the following week. I used screenshots and some video from the game for my final presentation.
  2. Fallout 4 for the Xbox One (not sure if avail for PS4 yet, but will be soon) currently allows you to download player made mods. It is a feature that was added toward the end of last month.
  3. I have a set of tracks for my Can Am ATV. It will take me on average an hour or 2 to switch out from standard wheels to the tracks, and vise verse. Where it is great to have in deep snow, due to the increased surface area and redistribution of weight, it is an absolute bear to steer on any surface with a higher friction value than ice/snow. I believe this is due to way that Bombardiers independent drive system works vs. that of a "tank". In a tank, when I want to turn left for example, the right side tracks induce positive acceleration, while the left side induces less or a negative acceleration. However, with my Can Am, all wheels (or tracks in this case) want to all continue in the same direction. This makes for some very wide slow turns and tired shoulders after a bit. I feel the other factor in this is the rubber tracks and their friction on different surface.
  4. Career mode can help some people, but the contracts get repetitive and "grindy" (my opinion only), and the end game of Career is Sandbox.The best way I have found to get back into this game after being burned out on it, is to not play it for a while. I will not play for some time, and just follow what is happening in the forums when I think of it. Sure enough, some one releases a cool mod that inspires me to build something or Squad releases a new feature and I am back into it. But Overland has the right idea also, move outside your in-game comfort zone and you might be surprised at what your next inspiration for a mission will be.
  5. Hmm, I guess thank you for attempting to answer my question?? However as I had posted "I have tried to fix it on my end, comparing to other parts files and adjusting the nodes, and have not been able to come up with the solution." Additionally, I do not see where I posted that I expected or thought it was required that the "mod" (creator) fix this. So, unclear on why you thought you needed to add that. I was asking for someone that has knowledge on this to help me out, if they can or even want to. "or there's some option in the cfg to disable the whole direction dependent stacking." Where might this be in the .cfg, and assuming I have no idea what I am doing, what am I looking for? Thank you in advance.
  6. The narrow and wide wheels, seem to have attachment issues in my game. I can attach them to the cab, however I cannot attach anything to their node. However, I can attach another wheel section, as long as I flip it upside down and then rotate it. I have tried to fix it on my end, comparing to other parts files and adjusting the nodes, and have not been able to come up with the solution. Is anyone else having this problem? P.S. If this is a repeat question, I apologize, I skimmed through the previous pages to find an answer and did not see one, yet may have easily overlooked it.
  7. Initial Contract: Set up field station in a specific biome. (Could be up to one each for each biome type, as they are all geologically different) Second Contract: Equip and Man Field Station. (send over the rover and personnel, field station requires min of 2 Scientists and 1 Engineer [because, something always breaks]) Third Contract(s): science done within the biome. Additional Support Contracts: Resupply, Repair parts, Updated science equipment (as it is unlocked), etc. etc. This pack could trigger after the base construction has been completed on specific planets beyond Kerbin.
  8. So far, I have had no issues with mine falling through the terrain on Mun or Minmus. During initial loading, I see the base lift of the ground a meter or so and then rest back onto the surface. **Knocks on wood**
  9. Sweet, I will take a look at it when I am able too and see what I can break...err..test
  10. So far, not to bad getting her to stick. Hit at ~59m/s. The instrument shows up as debris, it looks as though it is missing the "vesselType = Probe" line in the file.
  11. Your quick job, is better than I could do in a year. IMHO, it looks better like this, as it draws the eyes away from the fuel storage and allows you to "see" the entire device. As a geologist, we use words like Cummingtonite, Orogeny, Dry Hole, Penetration, and Rough Bedding in everyday discussions without smiling, so dont be disappointed or think it is a horrible idea. Okay, only partial truth there; Hearing an intern say they might have cummingtonite, still makes me chuckle.
  12. Instead of the gold foil, would you consider a more uniform appearance with the tank? As written in his reports and through most of his presentations, the design (which I believe this mod is modeled after) that Dr. Gowen utilizes, is intended for low/non-atmosphere environments where aerodynamics would not be the concern. P.S.:
  13. With the development of a new (and rather awesome) mod for surface bases, I decided to give it a full throttled go ahead. Phase 1 consisted of one probe lander with attached rover to run surface analysis for mineral exploration and locate satisfactory base construction site. Phase 2 was the construction of an orbital command and refueling station for the upcoming Tow and Placement Vessel. The initial launch of Phase 2-2 met with the possibility of an incoming storm, but was still given the green light to go. Phase 3 is the first of the phases that is manned, with the TPV docked, the assembly of the surface base begins. I called this rocket the "Whats FAR Lollipop" Phase 4 is the near final phase, with the construction of the surface facility. - - - Updated - - - Can this get moved by a mod, please. I meant to place this in the General KSP Discussion....Thank you.
  14. Really enjoying the mod and finally completed a base on the mun with week, Minmus.
  15. Looks great and will be testing it out soon. Couple of suggestions "off the cuff" from what I have read and before I test it; 1) Stock Ore Processing Plant and Storage Tank 1.a) Tanks could additionally be made tweakable for various resource/fuel types utilizing mods like Interstellar Fuel Switch 2) Get with ethernet and adapt it with his Station Science mod i.e. "Ground Base Science" 2.a) This could open a Pandora's Box, leading to Extra-planetary Launch Pads, etc. Again, it looks great, and welcome to the forums. Cant wait to try this out!