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Found 3 results

  1. K-256 SeaWolf. I took my inspiration for this project from a model sub that i have sitting on my shelf, i also remembered reading about @pTrevTrevs sub experiments, and how people where saying that shuffling ore is just inconvinient, and that how he said that MK-3 tanks are too damn boyant to allow he's U-boat to dive. And i kinda already promised long ago that i would make a sub for the KNS fleet. So, could i make it one better, could i make something that looks like a U-boat, and something that works using only WASD controls. And so i did. It took me about a whole
  2. Today i have something a bit special for you. Something that i believe is the first of its kind. It's not just a floating metal plate with a tower and some engines. This time it has a hangar deck and an aircraft elevator. Designing the carrier: The design of the carrier is a bit of a fusion of the IJN Zuiho and the U.S.S Independence CVL-22. Instead of building a custom hull for this one, i took the battleship hull and made the carrier around it. Due to this, it only took me 3-4 hours to build the carrier and another 2-3 hours to test it. It proved to be a sound
  3. This is the repository where i will be posting all my future navy aircrafts/helicopters. These are the aircrafts that protect our fleets on the open seas. And are the ones that operate from our carriers. Listing in here will work the same way as in the main post: Info about this post: Unfortunetly due to spoilers being a little broken (albums don't work), i won't be using them, so this could get quite long. (don't want to have a wall of 10 or so picks). Doing separate post for each aircrafts (new ones) like i have done for my new ships will propably end up bein
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