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Found 3 results

  1. So i've been wondering, if someone was to put together a "universal" or "essential" mods pack, for mods that only ever add to the quality and breadth of the game and are compatible with pretty much everyone's playstyles, what mods do you think would be in this pack? I know it's a pretty wide stroke to paint, but i'm sure there are some mods that could fit in the list. I think the best "essential" mods would be Kerbal Engineer and TimeControl, followed by slightly slimmed down versions of Firespitter, EVE, NearFuture, InfernalRobotics and OPM, maybe with some B9 in there too. What do you think?
  2. Hi, I wondered if anyone knew of a mod that works as science alert did. It would popup in a small window any experiment that had science points available. It was the best for easy science part activation. Especially in orbit when zooming over biomes. If there hasn't been a decent remake would anyone consider reviving the mod if the license allows? I loved that mod so much . Thanks!
  3. Hi guys let's do a little fun survey.. Name your best top 10 addons (in order from the best to less good) that you can't play without this year. One more thing, module manager doesn't count coz it's required by most mods to run properly. Ok, here goes my list: 1. KIS (+module manager obviously) 2. Kerbal Engineer Redux (KER) 3. Atomic Age (nuclear engines + some parts) 4. Modular Fuel Tanks 5. Radar Altimeter (dark side landing? No problem) 6. Precise Maneuver (maneuver node fine-tuner) 7. Time Control (coz my RL time is precious) 8. Tweakscale 9. Planet Shine 10. Mechjeb 2
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