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Found 2 results

  1. there are currently 2 drone-ships that works for SpaceX. 1 on the Pacific and 1 on the Atlantic. if falcon heavy was ever needed for any high-velocity missions such as new horizon, the two side boosters might need to land on drone-ships. if they come back to land, there might not be enough velocity to mach the requirements of the mission. would they make 2 more drone-ships or will they just not reuse the boosters at all.
  2. Kluster is still in its baby stages, so @Galacticvoyager and I need some suggestions and ideas for the mod. Right now, the system we're most focused on right now is Poait. We would like some suggestions for the system, like maybe another planets or moons for Savaos. Suggestions for other stars and other things in the mod (easter eggs, extra features, etc.) are welcome too. WANT TO SEE THIS MOD'S DEVELOPMENT? Kluster Development Thread
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