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Found 4 results

  1. I think i found a way to stop the fuel from boiling away without installing extra mods! 1. Go to your KSP folder and enter the "Game Data" folder. 2. Go into the "Real fuels" folder and then into the "Resources" Folder. 3. Look for a file called "ResourceHsps.cfg" and enter it with notepad. It should look a bit like this: @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[LqdOxygen]:FOR[RealFuels] { %hsp = 0 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // recalc, mols are for O2 on wiki %vsp = 0 // heat of vapourization (KJ/tonne as units) %conductivity = 0.152 } ... 4. Look for this: @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[LqdOxygen]:FOR[RealFuels] { %hsp = 0 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // recalc, mols are for O2 on wiki %vsp = 0 // heat of vapourization (KJ/tonne as units) %conductivity = 0.152 } @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[LqdHydrogen]:FOR[RealFuels] { %hsp = 0 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // recalc, mols are for H2 on wiki %vsp = 0 // heat of vapourization (KJ/tonne as units) or 8.97 * 10^5 or 8.97E5? %conductivity = 0.072 } 5. Change the value of "%vsp = ..." to 0 at both fuels. 6. Save and enjoy the game without fuel boiloff! If somebody has a better solution please let me know!
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to stop fuel boil off and i can't figure it out ive looked at forums i created a folder called zfinal and made a cfg file with this in it. @TANK_DEFINITION[*]:FINAL { @TANK,* { @loss_rate = 0 } } I named the file @TANK_DEFINITION.cfg.
  3. Heat Pump version 1.3.1! Heat Pump is derived from the heat pump code that originated in Modular Fuel Tanks / Real Fuels, originally created by ialdabaoth (who is awesome!) HeatPump from RealFuels Version 1.3.1 updated for Real Fuels (any version of RF that works with KSP 1.2.2) The purpose of Heat Pump is to intercept heat and cool down cryogenic tanks to prevent boiloff. Pumps can be configured with the following features. An amount of heat is removed from protected parts (active refrigeration) equal to a flat rate multiplied by a temperature delta. The flat rate is capped at ten times the flat rate value by default. The heat pumps also attempt to remove any heat that leaked into the part's interior (from the skin and adjacent parts) Resource cost per kilowatt of heat removed. The amount of heat moved into the radiator is split up among any symmetrically added radiators. This mod comes with a radiator part created by zzz (licensed by GingerCorp) and Heat Pump versions of all stock radiators are also included. Another feature is that the conductivity of protected parts is lowered. This represents the addition of multi layered insulation to the outside of the part. (generally cryogenic fuel tanks). In real life applications, this would be an important part of thermal management. This feature will require balancing against the loss rates of Real Fuels tanks which assume that insulation was builtin but don't take into consideration ZBO applications. The radiator will drain heat from whatever it is connected to. It drains a flat rate of 50kw + a amount equal to whatever heat is leaking through the insulation. (this because the goal is zero boiloff) KNOWN ISSUES Time warp faster than 100x (technically this starts at 1000x which is one step up from 100 in stock) will cause problems because KSP's thermodynamics switches into analytical mode which doesn't simulate heat transfer in a time based manner. If you must warp faster I recommend doing it from the space center until a solution can be found. Download Latest Github (source) If you find this mod helpful and want to throw some money away, feel free to click the donate button below! License for the plugin is CC-SA-BY as it was in Real Fuels. (with the provision that derivative works must proclaim that ialdabaoth is awesome) License for the zzz radiator is public domain as all of zzz's released parts are public domain. (the part is renamed to avoid conflict with any other mods that may be using it) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/
  4. Hello, Are there any (or any planned) 1.13/1.2 compatible mods which allow boiloff of cryogenic fuels to be mitigated using parts? Something like what Nertea has for Cryogenic tanks, but aimed at Realfuels. Hydrolox engines (from RL-10s to NTRs) are available and almost required for a reasonable crewed mission to anywhere beyond the moon - hauling 100 tons of life support supplies for a Mars mission with <340 ISP engines (think orbit injection, maneuvering and return stages) is painful. I would much prefer to stick on some solar panels, batteries or RTGs and be able to keep my tanks from boiling off. Maybe make the energy cost proportional to the heat flux entering the tank (so solar irradiation based on surface area, etc). I think there was a heat pumps mod in the olden days which did this, but I could not find one designed for a recent version of KSP. Thanks, Max
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