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Found 4 results

  1. I work at KFC restaurant in Poland? My duties include helping cooks in washing dishes, marinating chickens in the famous marinade of a colonel consisting of 11 herbs and spices: D And cleaning the flat surface (that is, after cleaning the floor with a mop) and cleaning the kitchen equipment before closing the restaurant. Often, to wash the marinator faster (the device in which we marinate the chicken), such a special drum that resembles a concrete mixer and a dishwasher using a sprinkler, which we use for hand washing. Our Polish Health and Safety regulations recommend that mechanical equipment should be washed by hand, but we use a rain shower, Recently, the manager said to be careful with this washer, because most of the devices in our kitchen uses three-phase electricity (standard power supply in Poland is 220 V and 50 Hz) that he would not want to be in our skin if this current would love us (pardon expletive but it how google translate, translated it ) https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20180422212723AAwHEG2
  2. I am wondering if there's a way to make solar panels deploy automatically (or retract automatically) when my current electric charge storage reaches a certain point. I've not found any mods that can do this nor any in game way but if someone can point me in the correct direction etc then i would be very much grateful.
  3. This is a battery with 5000 units of electrical charge. There is also a recharger on board. License: GPL 3 Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1287/Portal Core Battery Please visit our official website for more information and support: https://keslaauto.wordpress.com/
  4. This isn't a typical "why did my ship run out of power?" question. I know why it ran out of power, but I'm wondering about recovery from this situation..... The problem is, I have, at times, on my craft greater consumption than I do production. Which is fine until it hits 0. My question is, when this happens why can't I turn off the power-consuming components to breathe new life into the craft? You can't do ANYTHING to the craft, really, which might make sense if there was no power production, but I'm a bit baffled at the inability to turn off consumption in the zero-power state. Is this a conscious design condition? Yes, I can stick extra batteries on there and halt their usage, then re-enable them if I run out, but this is problematic in this scenario because I'm using the standalone Alcubierre drive mod, and that draws 10,000 Ec/sec. My production is a little over 2,000 Ec/sec. I can also carry capacitors, but when in the zero-power state, I can't even discharge those. I don't think this is mod-related, as it seems to be a general feature of the game that nothing can happen in the zero-power state. Correct me if I'm off base here. Cheers, -BS
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