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Found 2 results

  1. I bought KSP 2 in the first couple of minutes after it launched in EA. I had a fair amount of fun with it as well as a couple of headaches, which is understandable during early access period. However, just as a lot of other players, I have a feeling that this is a bit of Too-Early-Access Release considering the amount of problems troubling the game right now (as of 28.02.2023). There has been a lot of complaints over the state of the game, some more fair than others. Combined with a very high price tag for EA (240 PLN ~ $54 !!! here in Poland) it doesn't surprise that a very low number of copies have been sold during the first days. It does raise some sad concerns whether the game's development will continue. In my opinion, the first update will be the most crucial step towards either forging KSP 2 into an ultimate-space-simulator or... let's stay positive for now. I believe that, provided the update fixes at least 1/3 of the current problems, the game will attract more KSP 1 veterans, and with following updates adding newer features even some new players. Fingers crossed for the first update!
  2. Goodly swarm of bugfixes, tasty things under +++ Enhancments, but a few bits, a few bits freaking shine: Add action groups for wheel motors and wheel steering. Add ‘Control from here’ to External Seat. Add action group for ‘Control from here’ to ModuleCommand and ModuleDockingNode, External Seat and Grapple. Methinks such action groups are going to make certain entities quite happy. Edit: too bad this was from months ago, and I just hadn't looked at the game's Steam entry for a while.
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