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Found 10 results

  1. I tend to run fairly heavily modded games, as ive exhausted the stock game and i need more to enjoy it and challenge me. However, with modded installs i tend to run into performance issues sometimes. I have a pretty decent pc, ryzen 5 2600, 2070 super, 16gb 3200mhz ram. With the stock game i can run it at max settings over 100 fps, but with modded installs it tends to to down, which is fine, but not as low as it is sometimes. With ksp being pretty cpu dominant, and single threaded at that, i imagine graphics mods wont affect me that much? As i have a powerful gpu with 8gb vram, and 1
  2. For reference, I am running version 1.11 on a PS4 Pro, with both the Making History and Breaking Ground DLC packs installed. Control preset is set to radial. I have the latest version of the PS4 system software installed (7.51). 1). Game crashes often - By often, I mean at least once a day. It's always the same error code when it happens; CE-34878-0, though it's not always under the same circumstances. It's mostly when transitioning between different areas of the interface (going to or from the tracking station, for example), but it sometimes crashes while I'm working on a craft i
  3. I'm doing a KSP cinematic that requires a framerate of 24 frames per second. Can I get this framerate by editing the config file? Also, using capture software doesn't apply because I have a motion blur mod installed, and the blur will look wrong if the framerate is too high.
  4. I'm doing a cinematic that required 24 frames per second, and I have a motion blur mod installed. The blur is therefore too "short" when capturing the game running at a higher framerate. Is it possible to set the limit this low?
  5. 1)it's very useful the auto-checker system but sometimes when I use a lot of mods its very boring to manually download and install those mods at folders all the time so is there any way to automatically download the newer version of mods directly into a folder? 2)ksp 1.4.2whatever when I reach 1000 m+ altitude suddenly my framerate drops down to 10 fps is there any way to fix that? .i use lots of mods so tell me if one of those has a bug causing this problem or has an update patch here is the list of the mods that I correctly use (i will send you a reply if I add more mods) and also even
  6. Hello everyone! I'm having frame rate issues in FLIGHT scenes. It just started happening recently, but I haven't been able to track down the cause yet. I was hoping perhaps that someone else has seen something similar or knows of the cause. SOLVED: The cfg file for DatedQuickSaves got wiped out somehow, and it was autosaving once per second. Here's the default DatedQuickSaves/PlugInData/settings.cfg: DateString = yyyy-MM-dd--HH-mm-ss FileNameTemplate = quicksave_Y[year]D[day]H[hour]M[min]S[sec] MaxQuickSaveCount = 20 AutoSaveTemplate = autosave_Y[year]D[day]H[hour]M[min]S[
  7. KSP runs reasonably well for me right now. However, sometimes when I'm in a high part-count scene the frame rate I'm able to draw drops down to about 20fps. This isn't horrible, but it is noticeable. I'm considering upgrading some components. However, I'm not certain if the bottleneck is in the CPU or GPU. Is there a way to easily find out which is the constraining resource? - Garrett
  8. So I was thinking I could just play ksp one day but when I did the game had insane fps lag. I'm not sure what exact fps I got but previously I had 60 or more easily. I thought removing mods could help. nope. reinstalling? nope. I have no idea what happened but it's only happening in 1.1.3 1.1.2 was fine and all versions before. I know it's not part count or anything like that it happens with just a pod. I tried setting the fps limiter to different values and no help. so far that's all I've tried but I don't feel like anything else can help as nothing was wrong before this. system: amd FX-
  9. In a previous post I asked advice about the suitability of a 2011 HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation 8740w (17" WUXGA). They are occasionally offered on eBay for ~$400US. Replies were almost unanimously against the purchase but I went ahead anyway as I need a mil-spec notebook for my photography work. Don't have a SSD installed yet but am pleasantly surprised at the performance. I know it won't hold a candle to a cryogenically-cooled overclocked desktop but it's good enough for this space cadet You be the judge: https://youtu.be/IPHYUmI75iA Specs: i7 3rd gen quad Intel Q740 2.67GHz
  10. There was a pretty popular post on this forum with a download for a settings.cfg file that made ksp run pretty fast on my computer. now that the forum changed, I can't find it anymore. Can anyone tell me where to find it or what settings to change? Thanks!
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