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Found 4 results

  1. I've built a station around the Mun and I can't seem to transfer the fuel from one module to another. I do know how to transfer fuel (Alt + Right click) as i've done it before. It is a possible bug for ksp 1.2?
  2. As you can see in the screen shots, fuel transfer works within the same vessel but not through the Advance Grabbing Unit.
  3. Hi all ! My favourite mods have now all been updated, so i can now test 1.2.1. I've built a liitle lander. Brave ship has visited every biome on Minmus without refueling, then went in orbit around the mun and waited there until i built a refueling station. Then, i built a station (fuel and lab), put it in orbit around the mun, and docked the lander to the station. Problem : i apparently cant transfer fuel from the station to the lander. I have updated the R&D building to lvl 2 to enable ressource transfer, so the problem doesn't come from here. Strange : i can transfer LS ressources, but not fuel Screenshot : http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/144507446943458257/0890F4830311C4645D2A96A9CDA2F652F3E5EF33/ Edit : more info : Mods : KER, KAC, TAC LS, SCANSAT Every decoupler or docking port has crossfeed enabled. Is it possible that the problem comes from the heatshield just below the lander can ? Can transfer fuel between the different tanks on the lander, and between the different tanks on the station, but not between the station and the lander
  4. I've searched this forum to see if this idea has been previously suggested without finding it. We've all had the experience while transferring fuel in flight where we mod-right-click the wrong tank. We then have to start the selection process over again which can involve changing camera angles, gnashing teeth, and maybe uttering a few profanities. Perhaps having mod-right-click simply toggle the selection status of a tank would make resource transfer a bit easier. You've selected the wrong tank? Mod-right-click again to deselect it and Bob's your uncle! (I've been wanting to use that expression for ages!) Does anyone else think this would improve the user interface?
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