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  1. The Overview Homeworld Planet Pack is a mod, centered around a dying white dwarf star. It takes place 62.7 trillion years after the event of Kerbal Space Program. This is my best mod so far, and I hope this will be seen as a good mod, as I intend it to be. This system is not very scientifically accurate from what I know, so take it with a pinch of salt. THIS MOD IS NOT READY FOR REVIEW. Screenshots Dependencies Supported Special Thanks @ShbibeCurrently making a trailer The Kopernicus Discord Server @ballisticfox0 Testing the mod @R-T-B Maintaining Kopernicus @TheProtagonists Aurora textures, and (some) EVE textures specifically from the The World Beyond, going to be added in the full release of this mod. (The license has shifted to allow usage of assets.) @RJVB09 Lightcurve Calculator @OhioBobAtmosphere calculator @Caps Lock the sunflare from CKN (thx again lol) Downloads [Removed] Sorry, to prevent confusion old Homeworld has been taken down. Licensing CC-BY-ND-ND (except for some assets including but not limited to aurorae and the CKN sunflare which fall under their own licenses) My Discord Server for real-time updates https://discord.com/invite/ssWqYBuhwb
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