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Found 7 results

  1. Continued from which is really continued from http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/28428-Orion-aka-Ol-Boom-boom I'm calling this Komplete (until it's not). This is basically a continuation of Nyrath's original Orion drive mod. The engine's been split up into different parts, basically so you can have pulse units loaded without the add-on magazines. Everything has been remodelled and reworked, but the plugin that drives the whole thing is basically the same beast as Nyrath's work. It's licensed via the standard MIT license, as per the original license file included in the original work. The cast of contributors is growing. To get this up and running in 1.2 @FreeThinker and @HebaruSan helped a lot. Which is to say, those two made it work. All I've done is tweak atmosphere effects and similar things. Prior to 1.2 it was a cast from what I shall call "before my time", but clearly involved @nyrath and a few others, the cerebrate/Alistair Young who obviously cleaned up and githubbed the code at some point (not sure if that's the forum's @Cerebrate or not) and anyone else who contributed over the years that I'm unaware of. To all of you, I thank you. Let me know if you're ever in Brisbane Qld, I'll buy you a drink. Anyway, after all that, this is an Orion drive, not an Orion capsule. It's a drive first envisioned by Stanislaus Ulam, and developed from some basic ideas into a well engineered concept by a team at General Atomics with Freeman Dyson (Mr Dyson Sphere, not Mr Vacuum Cleaner). As a first order approximation, it's a system for propelling a craft by firing nukes out the back. That's obviously not a good idea generally, so there's a huge metal plate on some long shock-absorbers involved, and changes to the nukes themselves to make it all work. But that's the basics. As did @nyrath, my primary reference for this was Scott Lowther's http://www.up-ship.com/eAPR/ev1n5.htm Many other sources of information were referenced as well, most of which can be found on @nyrath's website http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/enginelist.php#id--Pulse--Orion https://web.archive.org/web/20070704104944/http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19770085619_1977085619.pdf contains original unclassified source info Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/149/Orion TD Edition And, pics or it didn't happen; A quick user guide. Orion Craft Building tip 1. You don't have enough RCS, add more. Orions are HEAVY. While regular rockets are doing their damnedest to strip weight off, extra weight on Orions just smooths the ride. This is great, except for RCS. Now, to get this mod to work, you need 2 things. A pusher plate (engine) and some bombs. Any arrangement will work, but there's the "correct" arrangement or things that will look a bit silly. The way it's intended to go together is an engine on the bottom, then some loader floors above that. Using the matching size of course. The 86 foot pusher plate fits all it's gases and oils in quite low, so you really need a few floors to cover the suspension shrouds. On top of the loader floors, you should add a payload interface. On the 10m (actually 7.8m in game) the choice of size primarily affects how many external magazines you can add in the frame, and how much 2.5m parts you'll need to stack before you're past the framework. The 80foot payload interfaces are basically the same, but one has a fairing. Then there's the upper stages, and if needed extra magazines of bomb. Generally, with the 86foot Orions, I just use the loader floors, as there's quite a large number of pulse units per floor. And if it's reasonably heavy, you'll mostly just be using the 1.4kt yield and upwards. But the loader floors on the 10m only have 138 units each, so I usually stack some more up. So, super quick craft build. You'll need a pod, some mono and RCS. Preferably all 2.5m, as the small Orion joins with 2.5m Then, attach a payload interface, A loader floor or more; Then, an engine AKA pusher plate, Note, you can stack up external stackable magazines and they don't need to match the yield on the loader floors. In fact, unless you have too few of that yield, you're better off using those external magazines to add variety; And then add some more RCS. NOTE: The pulse yield, aka how much push you get, is highly dependent on atmospheric density. In the opposite way to a rocket. The "thrust" at sea level is roughly 12 times what it is in a vacuum. So, those different yields will come in handy as you travel upwards. To change what yield units you're using, right click the engine to bring up the interface. "Kill" means stop loading those pulse units. "Start" means start using those. Usually all but one yield should be Killed with only one Started. Or you'll get uneven pulses. Start small.
  2. Now your job is to make a launch system reminiscent of the designs of Von Braun: low-tech, but overengineered to the point of insanity. RULES: -The ONLY engines you are allowed to use are the Flea, Hammer, and the monopropellant thrusters -ISRU is not allowed -no probe cores. Dropped stages don't have to be crewed, however. Just time their parachutes right. -no hyperedit or other similar cheats -please check with me first to see which modded parts are allowed The part counts aren't as crazy as you expect. This 124-part, 160-ton expendable rocket can get 15 tons of payload to orbit with fuel to spare. Categories: Mini Braun: Get 3 kerbals (in command pods) to the surface of the Mun and back. Braun: Get 50 kerbals (in command pods) to the surface of the Mun and back using an at least partially reusable launch system. Brains And Braun: Get 50 Kerbals (in command pods) the the surface of the mun using a rully reusable launch system (including the lander). Crazy Braun: Get 70 kerbals (in command pods) to the surface of Duna and back using a fully reusable launch system (not including the lander). Super Braun: Impress Me. My entry: Coming soon!
  3. DOBELONG'S FLYING EXPERIMENTS AND ETC.TM So after wandering the endless wastelands of the KSP forums, I've decided to make my first (official ) entrance into the thread base. And unfortunately, it is not in the fanfiction thread. Instead, I will be uploading various craft that I have built, and maybe place them up for download. This thread in particular is meant for aircraft that don't exactly conform to standard construction boundaries. Most of these use the goliath engine simply because of its high thrust and insanity value, and each aircraft has its unique quirks. One thing's for sure though; these planes certainly aren't boring! Packer X3 This is a fairly conforming design, but still manages to carry a fairly big payload size, thanks to its aerodynamic shell. I recommend it as a "starter aircraft," as it isn't too insane and is pretty good at its job. Download:https://kerbalx.com/Dob23/Packer-X3 Wow, you've reached the end. This thread is pretty small for now, but more downloads will be coming soon!
  4. Hello everyone, Is there's any way to limit reverse trust on jets engines? MM config or may be mod? Because it is so-o-o unrealistic to have 100% Could make turboprops more useful for short length landings, because AFAIK they can reverse something like 100% thrust and jet engines is only 5-15% thrust
  5. I am going to be making a series of new rocket motors which are inefficient or in times, border line insane to use. These will be rockets powered by pure black powder, sugar, poo, alcohol, carbon and so on. These will be in solid, liquid or monopropellant styles. Each of these (as insane as they may be), have some basis on real propellants. I will even in the future make aircraft parts using these fuels. So enjoy the stinky strange fun of these outlandishly insane rockets! Note, until I can have someone make me proper models, I will be using ones made be Squad. The models are their design and not mine (Imagine I added more legal babel explaining I am not stealing their work). Status: In the works Parts: *PLANNED* Solids: Black Powder Gun Powder Model Rocket Motor Sugar Poo Iocane Powder Rubbish Liquid: Alcohol Hair Spray Propane Methane Monopropellant: Carbon I will list any progress I make here. I expect a .1 release by Monday. Bugs: Works with: (plan to add support for other mods such as RealFuels) Last Updated 2/25/16
  6. "a solution for every problem we create" Welcome visitor! We at the Antinormal Aeronautics dedicated our pilots' lives to spend valuable tax-funds to deliver you irregular, spectacular, and totally safe methods for tasks that would have been easier boring to fulfill by conventional ways. Our management decided to share the joy of flying (sailing, submerging, orbiting, etc) our most advanced constructions. We hereby deny the accusations of the lowly press that our goal is to ruin other space-programs by providing them dangerous, untested equipment that could damage their buildings and chase them to bankruptcy. While these quite possibly can be among the results of using our crafts, such nuances are overshadowed by the joy of utilizing such sophisticated creations. Disclaimer notice: the crafts in this thread aren't designed for easy use, super precise balance, extreme efficiency or similar noble causes. They were made to demonstrate the principle that if it's stupid but works, it's not stupid. So, without further blabbering around, here comes our first featured product - as an appetizer: (note: the big blueprints you see are linked to .craft files. Your engineers know where to put those*) See this cute, tiny thing? It's the dream of every CEO to flabbergast their colleagues and rivals by casually landing such an exquisite piece of technology in their backyard or on their yacht. Sadly that won't really happen, as flying that with a certain chance of survival is limited to the best of the best pilots. But it's an excellent tool for weeding out the less gifted candidates when recruiting for a space-agency. It might look cheap to manufacture, but it's pricing includes the rather high development costs, as we had to rebuild the VAB seventeen times before we could take the flight demonstration photos you see here. * * * * * Behold the pineapple of our technological expertise. This is -the- universal vehicle. It roves on the ground, flies in the air, lands and skims on water. What's more, it can also submerge to great depths underwater, and then fly to orbit. In that order. Only silence can suppress our pride about this marvel. So I shut up now and let you check the test flight documentation: Ok, just one more thing. The Leapfish Mk II. is also in development. It's capable of everything it's smaller sister is, but it also features an ISRU and appropriate drilling equipment, for infinite interplanetary journeys. It also contains a small nuclear reactor close to the feet of the pilot, so it can be kicked when some malfunction happens. Though this advanced design is pushing the limits of it's category, and it's not easy to bring to orbit, thus it's not yet sold to the general public. But you are an entirely different matter, so feel free to download it. * * * * * This is an older model from before our first Mun landing. It's designed to take a lander with 3.6k dV to orbit. It also uses pretty old technology - ideal for a recently launched, still developing space-program (provided if you can steal obtain 8 turboramjet engines from one of your competitors). After the payload separated, the lifter part can land and be reused. Though taking it down safely requires some expertise - it has the aerodynamic capabilities of a brick. * * * * * And last but not least, behold the workhorse of the company. It's big. It's expensive. It's -heavy-. It takes off with spectacular fireworks**. It can carry a huge and heavy payload to orbit. It either goes up there SSTO style, or it can decouple most of it's body to arrive with a ton of fuel left (that's just an expression, it's actually many tons of fuel). We would never admit if the lack of landing gear on The Husttle was just sloppiness on our part. Instead we claim it's a feature to train the pilots for gentle splashdowns. Unlike the one in the attached documentation below***. That is all for today. Thank you for your attention, and stay tuned for further product releases. Safe flights out there! *Nope, not -there- silly. **Optional feature. ***After extensive testing, we figured the way how to land it in one piece with a heavy payload.
  7. As I was performing an aerobrake, my ablator died and went completely black. Then it made me wonder: how fast can you kill an ablator? ---RULES--- No Alt F12, keep it stock, don't mess with game files, etc. Keep it pure and genuine. I want to see how fast you can kill an ablator. I'm not sure if the size matters, but I'm going to try and keep it on even ground. The size of your base, starting engines determines the size ablator you can use. For instance, a 3.5m starting engine only allows you to use no smaller than a 3.5m ablator, and a 2.5 m starting engine allows a 2.5m ablator, and so forth. However, you can stick on a larger ablator with a smaller starting engine (The Vector engine can carry a 2 or 3 m ablator). If you use a cluster of starting engines of varying sizes, you can use an ablator no smaller than the largest starting engine. You may use stages as you see fit, but you may not use an engine in any stage larger than your blator payload. I will keep ablator burn up times each respective to their sizes. You gain bonus points if your vehicle doesn't blow up after killing the ablator, and especially if you come to a complete stop. This also means you can't have any parts destroyed while attempting to fry your blator. ----- Also, I hope this is a reasonable challenge... feel free to critique my challenge, but please don't be a wiseguy. As long as you are nice about pointing out any potential loopsholes, etc. Have fun.
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