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Found 6 results

  1. RJ Willys Jeep Download here:https://kerbalx.com/KAS/RJ-Willys-Jeep
  2. Easy Challenge: Build an offroader and Fly/drive to the mountains west of the ksc. Find a way to drive up them and plant a flag at the top. YOU MUST USE EXTERNAL COMMAND SEATS Point System: Fly the offroader to the mountains = 20 points Drive the Offroader to the mountains = 50 points Drive up the mountains without jets to assist with the climb = 30 points Drive up the mountains with jets to assist with the climb = 15 points Make the offroader look like an Offroader = 20 points Use Command Seats Without a rollcage = 35 points Use Command Seats With
  3. The Camelback Bridge There are so many things I've been wanting to get done in KSP and a Camelback Bridge is one of them. These type bridges are so fascinating, the engineering involved is so amazing it often baffles me. I have always admired the structural strength and designs of bridges and the feature that seems to impress me most is their impressive look. For those interested I found a book titled "How To Read Bridges" A crash course in engineering and architecture at the local book store, if you like bridges you will like this book, keep in mind it's a small paperback book but ful
  4. Safari Jeep Set When traveling down the road one day I saw a Jeep pulling a Utility Trailer and thought it looked really cool, with KSP on the brain once again I got to work on the Trailer. I already had a Jeep built and I didn't want to only add a Trailer Hitch so I decided to upgrade it to this Safari Jeep. I am using Air brakes for the Trailer Door and Kelus-LV Mobility Bay Enhancers for Captain Seats in the Jeep, I think Kerbals should always be riding first class. Top Speeds when pulling the Trailer are not too impressive, the Trailer wants to fishtail, but hey we are looking good at
  5. DK Salvage is proud to present RoveMate Classic DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yqmkoqynt620xx/RoveMateClassic1.0.zip?dl=0 DESCRIPTION The RoveMate Classic. It's manufacturer abandoned the design decades ago for lighter designs that worked in vacuum. But we at DK Salvage have uncovered a small trove of these rusting beauties, and will be restoring them for atmospheric use. Includes an old Diesel motor that we modified to run on Kerosene (liquid fuel/intake air) and a KIS/KAS storage compartment. LICENSE included in the download, WTFPL. SU
  6. Jeep R7 While working on the WSH-500 Wingship I wanted to use a vehicle to bring the Kerbals to the new craft as I've done in previous videos and I decided to use a Jeep that I made a while back. After reviewing it I decided to build another Jeep. This one is much like the original but without a Mun Launcher. Craft File: Jeep R7 Parts: 72 Mass: 2.352t Height: 3.0m Width: 3.1m Length: 4.3m Craft File with Can Attachment: Jeep R7 WCA I've supplied 4 MK1 Lander Cans for those who are not using mods.
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