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Found 4 results

  1. Some photos I recently acquired.I can recognize the first one quite easily, but not others... You know why this is in the fan-art category, right?
  2. The objective of this game is to make a worse joke about KSP than the person before. Rules: No posting twice in a row Your jokes have to be about KSP The jokes also (duh) have to fall within the community rules. I will go first. Q: What did Jeb say to Bill as they were plummeting to their deaths? A: Oh, chute.
  3. Dear All, Hope, you guys must be enjoying the life but also going through lots of ups and downs of life. We all love to hear or share Jokes and fond of watching entertaining shows and movies but sometime people laugh a lot and sometime they they do not find it. My opinion is it does not matter how old the joke is but it matters how you express it or say it. You body language, you expression and your capability of keeping the suspense count. Here i share a good joke: Interview: Tell me one idea which will reduce train accident?Man: Well.. we can make speed break on tracks. LOL..
  4. What interesting April Fools jokes have you found today on the Internet? Google is advertising their new smart yard, Google Gnome. And Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man in your neighborhood!
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