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Found 4 results

  1. Here we go! Read all of the Prelude (Also Sprach Jebediah) and Chapter One here. Read all of Chapter Two (A Capital Idea) here. Read all of Chapter Three (Of Moons and Madness!) here. Read the whole Plan Kappa Crossoverlude here Read Interlude Indigo here Read Bill's Engineering Updates here (a semi-canonical, 4th wall busting log of the ship design/development process) Read all of Chapter Four (Intrepid Away!) here. Read all of Chapter Five (Flight Operations) here. Read all of Chapter Six (Rising Up) here. Read all of Chapter Seven (Tanks, an
  2. Here's Kerbfleet's next big mission, to that great purple eater of ships, Eve! This comic will run concurrently with "Duna, Ore Bust" until that mission's thrilling conclusion. You can find some preview pages for this story at the end of Chapter 4 of the Duna book; naturally there will be more crossovers between the two, and I will be updating each book as I continue the flights in real time. ETA 28 Sept 2015: I added links to the Duna, Ore Bust! chapters in chronological order. If you are reading the comic for the first time, go in this order Read DOB Chapter 1 here Read DOB Ch
  3. Hey all, having a great time with this mission and would like to share. Hope you like the format. This is a Career save in V1.0.2, all stock except for Kerbal Engineer, visual mods, and alarm clock. Here are the first three pages, will post additional pages as missions complete. At this writing I have not yet launched for Duna, so you know as much as I do about how the story will turn out. Enjoy! ETA 28 Sept 2015: I added links to the Eve, Order Zero chapters in chronological order. If you are reading the comic for the first time, go in this order Read DOB Chapter 1 here Read DO
  4. Starting this thread partly for myself, so that I can keep things straight as stories build and lore accumulates, and making it public for those interested. I'll put everything in the OP and will hopefully be able to keep it organized. Feel free to post things you would like to be included, errors, etc. Rough headings: Characters Bill Kerman Service: Kerbfleet Corps of Engineers Rank: Looty Comder First Appearance: D,OB! Chapter 1 Description: Began his career in the Command program but was kicked out for cheating on the Kerbahashi Maru test. Never stopped 'c
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