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Found 5 results

  1. I'm using KSP 1.7.3, I've installed KK and KSR (+KSR Airports) manually but there is something wrong. In the first place I can't see airports's markers on the map although when I aim on their locations (looking at the map on the mod's post) the airport name is displayed, meaning it is there, I can select different launch sites from SPH and run them but some sites have no runaway, others have it underground (I can see it because of the signal lights). Plus there's is a menù in tracking station that may be 'base boss' which once opened is completely bugged, finally every toolbar icon from KK is a white square I use visual mods as EVE, Astronomer's Visual Pack (and Textures), KSP3 and Distant Objects, I also use Kopernicus
  2. Are there any versions of KerbinSide that aren't broken on 1.6 and up? I really like this mod but I can't find a working version.
  3. I've been working on setting up a modded game for a new playthrough using stock engines and 3.2x rescale. I ran across the KKtoSD mod that lets you use kerbal konstructs with a rescaled system by making configs. That's what you have here, a set of configs that let you play KerbinSide with 3.2x Rescale!. Looking for some people to test and look for floating buildings so I can fix them. I think I've gotten them all, but there are alot of launch sites and alot of statics. The only problem I've encountered is getting spawned below a launch pad, which you can revert and move the vessel up and it will usually work, I'm pretty sure this is a stock issue. The basic install to test would be these mods. Kopernicus Sigma Dimensions Rescale! 3.2 Kerbal Konstructs KerbinSide KKtoSD Environmental Visual Effects Stock Visual Enhancements Download from Github https://github.com/eberkain/KerbinSide32x/releases Know issues Probably some floating buildings, its alot of configs and I learned alot during the process of making them. Still need configs for the groups that have no launch points. THANK YOU TO @Sigma88 Without him helping me figure out problems I would not have made it this far.
  4. Id love to have a mod that adds more launch sites to kerbin similar to how kerbinside used to, but using the new stock feature. Woomerang is cool and all, but id love for launch sites all over the planet, and having multiple pads around the KSC would be cool as well. just an idea, would love to see it implemented though!
  5. Hi so I’ve installed kerbinside and love it but I can’t find the aircraft carrier or destroyer anywhere. Has it been removed in 1.2.2 or am I doing something wrong. I installed t normal you so I don’t see the problem Also mod if thi sis in the wrong place just move it to Whare it’s meant to be thanks
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