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Found 3 results

  1. Maybe a few of you guys wonder why I have dropped off the surface and there is a reason for that. Last week we had to put our cat to sleep. He really was a special pet and I am thankful for the short five years we had with him. I have seen lots of cats in my life, but none that would enjoy human company as much as he did. He loved to be part of our loud dinner parties and was patient with children. He let my friend's two-years-old kid grab and chase him around. We would walk him daily around our back yard much like you walk a dog. We even had a leash on him to keep him from attacking other pets - which did in his younger years. His end came pretty quickly. He was hiding a monstrous liver growth from us till the very end when it ruptured and caused him immense pain. We knew that we had to say good-bye one day, as he was showing signs of old age (and maybe related to his liver problem) but we never expected it to end so quickly. I uploaded some pictures to imgur, if you want to check them out. https://imgur.com/a/TZzt5
  2. Hello ! A strange problem appeared two weeks ago, no significant change to the game were made and reinstalling it didn't fix the issue ! I play KSP in full screen mode, and when I unfocus KSP (opening my browser, alt-tabbing etc..) the game starts to lag tremendously, I get like 3 FPS... Which is really inconvenient as you may imagine ! I have Kerbal Engineer, SSTU, persistent rotation, probes plus, decals, Direct launch vehicles and Space shuttle payloads.. Running ksp in vanilla doesn't fix the problem, I've checked the logs, no errors when the lag occurs... Good day, -Luca
  3. play the game is impossible, this has happened to me as 5 times, the most recent was that it was by going to dune, I quicksave and went to the space center made a game save, after that I went to continue piloting the ship to dune, I maneuver to meet and make another quicksave, and returned to the space center to exit the menu, I made another save game and I went to the menu after I started playing KSP and opened the game, then I went to tracking station to locate my ship the locate and kept waiting for maneuver. then could no longer control the maneuver, then I went to the space center and me out of the game and not worry me that had already save game and quicksave, start again the game and had not saved anything, the rocket, takeoff and everything then try to load the game and was not erased everything, and if the game will continue taking the players and not going to save anything, the game will be unplayable, I think I see bugs windows or linux it is selfish for that they are repairing them bugs with very low priority and little relevance, however consoles the game is unplayable and repair windows and linux is selfish console that are the real problems. its upset play the game , because you know you'll will lose what you save if you are not lucky if i have grammar errors is because i use translator , the english is not my primary language
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