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Found 3 results

  1. MISSION Build a boat and perform a water run to be the first to break the sound barrier on water WATER RUN RULES The water run can take place on the ocean behind Kerbin base or wherever you want on ocean There is no time limit for the run After the run the boat must decelerate to a speed less than 20m/s No part of the boat must be broken after the run BUILDING RULES The boat can be monohull, catamaran or trimaran The hulls can be build from boat mods or from tanks or whatever is floating. All tanks mods are allowed There must be on the boat a pod or a cockpit with at least 1 kerbal to drive the boat Foils or skis are allowed and can come from boat mods or can be built with wing materials from whatever mod. Yaw axis can be controlled by surfaces under water or out of water. You can use fins with ailerons or winglet or ailerons alone. Yaw axis control surfaces must be vertical only (No V angle) Pitch can be controlled by horizontal surfaces under water like foils. If pitch is controlled by surfaces out of water it can only be a set Squad ailerons. No wings are allowed out of water except in vertical mode like fins to control yaw axes The only horizontal « wing » surfaces out of water can only be chines to join hulls on trimaran for exemple, or a set of Squad ailerons to control pitch. Speedbrakes or drag chutes are allowed, only to slow down the boat after the run There is no weight limit This must be a boat not a floating plane, that's why only vertical wings or fins are allowed, but you can you use whatever cockpit or tanks you want, no mater if they provide or not lifting forces...... ENGINES RULES Engines must come from boat mods or from Squad Boat engines coming from boat mods are allowed provided the don’t run on rocket mod. All jet engines, ramjet engines, turbojet engines or turboprop engines are allowed provided they run only on liquid fuel. You can run your engines in the air or in the water Rocket engines or a Solid Booster Engine or a mixed Engines like Rapier are not allowed. MODS ALLOWED All tank mods All boat mods Tweakscale for Engines, Hulls and foils, and control surfaces Mods like KER Teleportation mod like Hyperedit HUD KER mod is mandatory and should show in HUD at least the following: -Total Mass -Situation (that must stay « splashed » during the whole run) -Vertical speed -Horizontal speed and Mach number -Altitude (Sea level) SCORE and HOW TO APPROVE THE RUN -Pics showing that the hulls or foils or skis are in contact with water during the whole run -Once you are under 20m/s, hit F3 -Short vid showing the run with the hulls or foils or skis on the water and showing them from under the water with visible HUD would be appreciated -Score from highest speed or mach to lower speed
  2. Plane capable of Mach 5.5 speed at 20000m, it can do an aerial circumnavigation of Kerbin in about 40 minutes. It works fine with the stock heat mechanic. 1 - Toggle landing gear steering Pictures: Cruise Altitude and Speed Circumnavigation complete! Still pretty hot after a full circumnavigation... Download: https://kerbalx.com/Daze/Mach-FiveFive
  3. At sea level, Mach 3 is around 1021m/s but by the time you get to 60,000ft or 18,288m it's down to around 885m/s. Does KSP model this change when it comes to the performance of jet engines that vary thrust depending on your velocity?
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