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Found 3 results

  1. Kerbkosmos presents: The Mighty Ant! Mighty Ant is a Mid-size launch vehicle, consisting of a 1.875-meter diameter core, and 1.25-meter diameter boosters. It's capable of up to 3.6 Tons to a 100 KM x 100 KM orbit, though the 2nd stage will have over 1000 m/s of delta V left. * Oh, and also, it's partially reusable. Launch profile: This vehicle requires the Making History DLC, Restock, and in order to be reusable requires FMRS or other recovery mods. Download Link: Steam Workshop::Mighty Ant (steamcommunity.com) *The reason it can't get more payload into orbit is that the core 1st stage has a low TWR, though a more powerful engine would fix this problem.
  2. Hey everyone, I thought I'd have some fun with the new Making History DLC parts. This is the Sarnus-V Mun Rocket, complete with a small Munar Module. She is NOT 100% historically accurate... maybe 50%... lol... This is just me playing with the new DLC parts, and I thought I'd share the ride with y'all. The clock ticks down... "5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." ...and the 5 huge Mastodons roar to life, shaking the entire KSC as it slowly lifts into the sky... "And we have a clean separation of the first stage!!!" As she circularizes into orbit, the 2nd stage detaches, and the huge Rhino engine finalizes the burn into LKO. Now that she is safely in orbit, the crew can eject the Launch Escape System rocket, attached to the nose, and head onto the Mun. Once in LMO, the real fun begins, as the crew detaches from the third stage, then spins around and docks to the Munar Module that was safely nestled in the shrouds between the stages. Once docked, Val and Bob crawl into the small MEM, and eject the lower section of the third stage, before detaching and heading down to the surface. But this mission was top-secret... Val and Bob are investigating a strange reading... and as they come in for a landing, they are amazed to find what they thought was just a large rock is anything but... Once the amazed crew had landed, and checked over all the equipment, Val extended the ladder, and the two crawled out to the surface, just as Kerbol reached it's peak, and a gold plaque suddenly gleamed into view!!! They stayed as long as they could... but it wasn't long enough for either, and soon they crawled back into the MEM, and waited until the service module was in just the right position before lifting off to rendezvous with her. As soon as Val and Bob were back in their seats, Val jettisoned the small MEM with a sad smile, then turned the service module back around, and set a course back home. Once they were safely back in LKO, Val turned the service module retrograde, and burned off the last of their fuel to decelerate, and then ejected it as then entered the upper atmosphere. As the air began to slow the capsule, Val ejected the small service module shrouds in the capsule nose, and waited until they were safely slowed down enough to deploy the parachutes... and land safely back on Kerbin, just a few kilometers off shore from the KSC. OK... I have to apologize... I really thought I hit the screenshot key after they were in the water... but as much fun as that was, I'm not gonna do the whole thing just for one ending screenshot... lol. Hope y'all enjoyed it.... these new parts are all sorts of fun!!! JJ
  3. Poll! I am just curious to know what are your thoughts about this. If you selected (other), please elaborate below.
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