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  1. Hello, good people of the forums. I'm NotAgain, and I've finally plucked up the courage to start a mission report on my mid-game career mode. First, a little bit about my save: I run more mods than I care to mention, but the major ones are This career's been going on since 1.1.2 came out. I do things my own way. if you don't like it, there are a plethora of other mission reports out there, there's something for everyone. I'm not the best pilot. I'm addicted to screenshots, and caffeine, so you can expect (semi) regular updates, usually at least one per week. I operate several different 'space agencies' in my save, courtesy of Kerbal Konstructs. They are all part of one central 'Kerbal Space Agency', but also operate independently. They each have their own Kerbonaut Corps, except for three. I have weird naming schemes. And, potentially most importantly, the glorious @DiscoSlelge is making some wonderful mission patches, which I hope to use on my crewed missions. The Space Agencies are as follows: The Kenairian Space Agency (KSA). The Kenairian civilian space agency, and the most prominent. Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral) Naming schemes: Uncrewed: Girl's names, or acronyms. Crewed: Pubs (Bars) Crewed spacecraft: Metkosmos. The Metarian civilian space agency Launch site: KSC2 (Kaikonur Kosmodrome) Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Destination-specific random Russian stuff. Crewed: random Russian stuff and names from Tantares parts. Crewed spacecraft: Metarian Army. Does what it says on the tin. And spies on you. Launch site: KSC2 (Kaikonur Kosmodrome) Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Destination-specific random Russian stuff. Crewed: random Russian stuff and names from Tantares parts. Crewed spacecraft: Elenvarian National Space Agency (ENSA). The Elenvarian space agency. May or may not work for the government. Lanch site: Round Range Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Random Chinese stuff. Crewed: Random Chinese stuff. Crewed spacecraft: Airnian National Space Exploration Bereau (ANSEB). The Airnian civilian space agency. Lanch site: Great Ez Kape Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Acronyms. Crewed: Variations on the word Explorer. Crewed spacecraft: The Orbital Access Alliance (OAA). A private space exploration firm. Launch site: Central Lakes Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Elements. Crewed: Elements. Crewed spacecraft: The University of Ken-Tech. A University. With a space program. (They're Kerbals. What did you expect?) Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral) Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Names of Tantares parts. The National Airnian University for STEM Studies. Another University with a space program. Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral) Naming Schemes: The word box in many languages. The Scharvian Space Agency (SSA). What it sounds like. Its predecessor was infamous for developing the K-2 missile. Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)/Goldpool International Kosmodrome Naming Schemes: Purpose - specific German things. Rocketplane Kerblar. Another private space exploration firm. Launch Site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)/Goldpool Naming Scheme: Uncrewed: Mission-Specific. Crewed: Acronyms. Right. On with the (somewhat) exciting bit. Half Mun Flight - 20 Mission: Deploy the Serena X and XI communtiactions satellites, and test the new RCS thruster placement. Orbiter: KSS Dauntless (OV-7) Crew: E1 Pepe Kerman (Commander), P1 Duddas Kerman (Orbiter Pilot), E1 Wensie Kerman (Mission Specialist), S1 Bob Kerman (Mission Specialist). The Half Mun orbiter Dauntless launched on her 4th mission carrying the Serena X and XI communication satellites to orbit on a Prometheus - III 122K launch vehicle. The plan was to insert into a 160 x 160km equatorial orbit, deploy the satellites, which would use their own engines to enter eliptical orbits 90 degrees apart. But, of course, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. The payload release mechanism failed. so the orbiter came back with the satellites in the cargo bay. Despite the the payload rendering the orbiter hideously unstable in flight, mission pilot P1 Duddas Kerman sucessfully got the orbiter back to the Kape and deployed the emergency landing parachutes, saving the orbiter, payload and crew. (OOC, I screwed up and forgot decouplers. My bad.)
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