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Found 6 results

  1. @Poodmund is taking over development and maintenance of OPM. Please see his link in the last comment of the thread for the download. The new thread for Outer Planets Mod can be found by following this link: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/184789-17-outer-planets-mod-v224-27th-may-2019/
  2. So, say that i have a lander/surface base on Eeloo. Outer planets mod moves it so it becomes a moon of Sarnus. Would my craft just be moved with it, would they dissapear or would it corrupt my save? Has anybody tried that yet? Help, Lusbax.
  3. I'm currently deciding which mods to use for a modded career game. I'd like to use both Outer Planets Mod and Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. But Kerbal Planetary Base Systems uses two non-stock resources, Enriched Uranium and Depleted Uranium. Those resources are added by one of its dependencies, Community Resource Pack, and it appears that combining Outer Planets Mod with Community Resource Pack leaves me with some blanks to fill in. Community Resource Pack adds many resources and planet specific configurations for some of them. For example, the resource Alumina isn't found on gas giants, so
  4. Hello everybody. I have a simple but intricate question on how would you think it's the best way to schedule science data gathering on a kamikaze probe burning on a gas giant atmosphere. I use remote tech, I love the additional difficulty in it, but I think I hit a wall here. When I want to send a probe to a gas giant I can't get the science before the probe is destroyed due to signal delay. Is there any way to automate or trigger the science gathering from the probe itself? Do you have any ideas on how this task can be done in a efficient way. Thanks to all your ideas. As alway
  5. Silicates, dust and ice Frozen craters, forgotten valleys… Nothing seems to be nice… In this planet full of dead alleys… Dres Bright green dot in sky Place where wonder dwells Desperate moons that asking, Why? But at the same time being well… Clouds that walking over surface high And the master planet says, It’s mine We will live there in some time… Jool The tiny icy speck Looking distant, freezing But it has It’s own feeling In a tiny icy wreck W
  6. Chapter 1: In Space, No One Can Here You Scream… Bob was screaming. No one heard him of course, he was drowned out by the giddy laughter of Val and Jeb. They freaked him out sometimes. He squirmed in his seat, almost trying to escape the claustrophobic seat. He was strapped in, but not tightly. He was shaking too much to pull tightly before launch. Bill looked over to him and put his finger over his mouth. Shhh... Bob started to relax a little. Jeb and Val fell silent. Bill and Bob perked up. Now, this was an occurrence. “KSC?” Bob began to tremble. No one was smi
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