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Found 2 results

  1. I thought about KSP2 game mode, which will replace career mode, and decide that this "progression" mode must have some important details to correspond to its name or/and meaning When you played career in original game, you after achieving records have messages in game mails from Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society about your achievements. You could see them in your contracts journal. But in KSP2 I'm not sure we will have contracts and journal, maybe only archive with science notes. And I suggest my idea of improved journal After reaching orbit or surface of some celestial object or another important event you will have in your journal date and description of event: where and what you did, name of spacecraft, names of kerbals if it had it. For example: Year 245 Date 5/6 11:34 First landing on Mun by autonomus spacecraft Lander-1 Year 245 Date 7/9 22:57 First fly-by of Duna by autonomus spacecraft Dun-3 Year 246 Date 2/1 16:04 First landing on Mun with crew Jeb Kerman and Bill Kerbal by spacecraft Mun-lander Year 246 Date 4/3 00:48 First fly-by of Minmus with crew Bob Kerval, Bill Kerbal and Tim Kervin by spacecraft Orbit_minmus ... Year 259 Date 9/1 08:45 The Duna colony Duna-Startown population reached 500 kerbals How it will fit into the game depends of developers' view, maybe it will be in archieve with science or there will be another special journal This will highlight all your steps and achievements on the path of space exploration, and they will not be forgotten, but rather enshrined in the journal. You can easily turn your gaze to the past and see all the path you have passed. This journal will be the history of space exploration of kerbalkind It will encourgae players to reach new limits, thereby adding to the list of achievements in the journal. It can be comfortble fuction for speedrunners because they will have be able to record their achievements in pleasant form. For multiplayer space race can be also added name of player's agency in message Overall I expect also improved writing in game, and not only parts, but agencies, sciences experiments, bodies will have interesting and important descriptions with lore of game
  2. So it's no secret we've all stuck a mainsail on a metal plate and shot it to infinity and beyond, Here is a challenge for you that lets you sorta do that, You can make the fastest Land, Sea or Air vehicle (that means rockets too ) Simple right? How hard can it be to strap a massive engine to something? We'll this isn't the hobby engineer challenge is it? Your craft must be a e t h s e t i c as well as fast. How is the leader board ran Kenji? I will do it based on raw speed! The faster the vehicle and the faster the acceleration then the higher you go on the board, simple. Just post your craft here via image or video, video is better. Anyone can have a go can't hurt can it? Now I hear you scream "This is most likely been done" Well I am looking to see some World Records set here! Rules are easy stock only no mods scrubs! Mods are for the weak! unless it's BDA Flight assist mods are okay I guess, I will let it slide. Remember its not just raw power, looks count as well! If its just a engine strapped to something 0% thought, then its likely your not going to make a appearance, I will Message the individuals in question should it occur, doubt it though. Here is my aircraft entry, XCV SoundProject, I won't count myself in the leader boards that's just sad XCV SoundProject - https://gyazo.com/396f40b1d2cdb7600b6dd0e54904670b Flight - https://gyazo.com/d8dfebfa3f7f9eb54aee13e0a0b8f3be Looks healthy - https://gyazo.com/cd5c06e81ac3a0f68702ad8700a75c93 Type of images I would like to prove speed - https://gyazo.com/4495a8149de81995c451a5b2a2398828 It has a pitiful top speed of....... 1,406 m/s You guys can beat that! My secret is Pink Guy - Pink Season As the entries come in I will make the leader boards Good Luck! Kenji! PLANE RECORDS : @Toastie_Buns The Sombrero at 1643 m/s! SEA RECORDS : @Cunjo Carl The SubSubSub at 50 m/s!
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