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Found 3 results

  1. No longer maintained: I don't maintain this mod any more. @Simpit Team have taken over supporting and working on the mod, please see their new release thread. What does it do? This plugin maintains serial connections to one or more hardware devices. Each device can register to receive information that it explicitly wants to receive (for sending to a display, setting off an alarm, triggering a PC shutdown when your vessel runs out of power, etc). A device can also send commands back to the game (stage your rockets with a big red button, build a custom HOTAS to pilot planes, control your EVAing Kerbals with your treadmill, etc). The plugin comes with a companion Arduino library, to make it easy to get started building interactive Kerbal hardware. No really, what does it do? It lets you build things like this: What does it run on? I officially support and test this plugin with 32- and 64- bit KSP on Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. Previous versions of Windows... probably work, but you're on your own. Most microcontrollers should be supported, but only a few have been thoroughly tested so far. Refer to the Supported Devices page of the documentation wiki for more details. If you're using something different, I'd genuinely love to hear about it. What sort of information can I send and receive? The plugin currently sends: Altitude data (sea level and surface. Velocity data (orbital, surface and vertical). Apsides data (apoapsis and periapsis). Time to next pair of apsides. Resource levels (stock fuels, ore, ablator, etc). Action group status. Target information (distance, and relative velocity). Current SoI. The plugin is able to receive commands to control: Custom action group commands, with full support for Action Groups Extended actions. Regular action groups (staging, abort, RCS etc). Main throttle. Vessel rotation and translation. Wheel steer and throttle. Eventually the plugin will be capable of sending most of the telemetry you'd expect from stock KSP and mods such as KER. It will allow full control of vessels and Kerbals, and some limited interface control. Where can I get it? Search for "Kerbal Simpit" on CKAN. I only support installation of this plugin through CKAN or similar mod managers. The only other automated module manager I'm aware of KSP Mod Admin, but I've been struggling for weeks to get it to run on any of my test systems. If there are others around, I'd love to add support for them. Note for the few folk who tried out prerelease builds: You should probably remove the custom CKAN repo from Settings -> CKAN Settings. I'm not uploading releases there any more, and it will eventually go away. The source code is available from https://bitbucket.org/pjhardy/kerbalsimpit/overview . Binary releases sit in https://bitbucket.org/pjhardy/kerbalsimpit/downloads/ . What else do I need? This mod uses Alternate Resource Panel for all of its resource information. Without it, none of the resource providers will send data. This mod will make use of Action Groups Extended if it's installed. With it, all 250 action groups can be accessed. Without it, only the stock 10 action groups will work. Where can I get the Arduino library? Search for "Kerbal Sim Pit" in the Arduino Library Manager. Its source repository is at https://bitbucket.org/pjhardy/kerbalsimpit-arduino/overview . How can I use it? For full documentation, refer to https://kerbalsimpit-arduino.readthedocs.io/en/stable/index.html Quickstart guide: Install the plugin. Configure the plugin. An example config is in `GameData/KerbalSimpit/PluginData/Settings.cfg.sample`. Either copy that file to Settings.cfg or just launch the game once and let the plugin generate a default config. Refer to the Plugin Configuration page on the wiki for details on how to set up ports. Install the Arduino IDE and install the library. In the IDE, browse to File -> Examples -> Kerbal Simpit. Select the KerbalSimpitHelloWorld sketch and flash it to your board. Run the game again. The plugin will log successful device handshakes to KSP.log. Changelog: Full changelog is available from https://bitbucket.org/pjhardy/kerbalsimpit/src/master/CHANGELOG.md?fileviewer=file-view-default License: This project is licensed under the Simplified BSD License.
  2. "Recover Vessel" By: @ZooNamedGames After a failure aboard her capsule, left lost in the middle of undeveloped Kerbin. These are the adventures of Jabe Kerman as she attempts to make her way back home. Introduction Part 2: Beginning The Voyage Part 3: The Awakening Part 4: For Miles and Miles Part 5: Panic Part 6: The True Adventure Begins... Part 7: The Dark Woods Part 8: The Clearing Part 9: Fire On The Horizon Part 10: Into The Depths Part 11: The Derelict Mine More Coming Soon... If you enjoyed reading this, why not consider reading through some of my other work? Spoiled Saturn Shuttle Mission Series Hope you enjoyed reading!
  3. I write frequently. Something that came, almost entirely by accident out of a dizzy spell, a moment of foolishness, and too many hours of playing a game about space, was a short introduction, then another short introduction after that. These introductions eventually turned into the Pilot episode of a serialized short story that I decided (in a fit of pique and pedantic specificity) would be called A Book About People Who Want To Be Astronauts, and would be about people who want to be astronauts, and would have a protagonist with a ridiculous name, and would be proper science fiction, with space and everything. Apparently, I also decided that it would be satire, for some reason. Here's the introduction: (which doesn't particularly pertain in any way to either the style or the plot of the actual story) "There is a day when everything will end; when the last flakes of matter will drift away into unending darkness and be lost forever; when ties stronger even than time or distance will snap and hurtle away into a lonely silence, and the very thought of silence will become arbitrary without a frame of reference, because nobody will have heard anything in an infinity after time came to its syncopated end but even that won’t matter, there won’t be anybody left to wonder why time stopped and why a nameless blankness took its place. But that is a long time away; an infinite time away. (infinity is the only concept that holds its meaning in meaninglessness, because it’s half meaningless to begin with). And somewhere in between now and the end times, there will be a war that tears our galaxy in two; there will be a human with an excessively long name; there will be a long silence that decides to become a beginning." And here are links to the first and second parts of the pilot: Pilot, Part One Pilot, Part Two And here are the other episodes: (more to follow) Orbit Home Interim (short) Phone Engine with Wings Rattle The First Bit The Next First Bit Space is Big Real Danger War Council NOTE: There is some profanity, and lots of humor. The language might not be nearly as strong or proliferated as in The Martian, but swearing is swearing, and swearing isn't okay on the forums. That's why I included links instead of posting the text en masse.
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