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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I have a couple questions about stock space missiles. I've built a nice little missile with a probe, battery, reaction wheel and four seperatrons. My first question is, what is the best part to use as a warhead? I guess I mean which part will cause the most damage on collision with another vessel? My second, much more important question is, how do I make it guide properly? The 'hold target' function gets it close, but because everything's moving in orbit of Kerbin, it doesn't fly the exact direction it's pointed. I've had good luck just manually maneuvering it to bring the prograde vector onto the target, and have had some pretty spectactular collisions, but I'd love to find a way, or a mod, that will automatically allign the prograde to target. Does this exist? Can MechJeb2 do this, and if so, what section is it in? Any other mod suggestions?
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