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Found 3 results

  1. This is not just another sunflare pack with many options and every color freely available for the one star... (the Sun), no. This is a pack tailored towards large star systems such as Kerbol Star System, Galactic Neghborhood and (if anyone dares ) To Boldly Go, and any smaller eccentric star systems featuring classes other than the typical G and M (yellow and red stars). This is a theme pack with (currently) two options for every star class, and 5 series (or families) of flares in total. Names: Ursa Minor, Phi, Canaan, Primus, Isk Usage restrictions: Example: only the G or stock pack sunflares are to be applied to the Sun and other G class Sun-like stars. Family names: Ursa Minor, Canaan and Primus were made with realism players in mind. Everyone is welcome to the stock pack but the other colors of sunflares will only be made available to planet makers and their collaborators who ask. For now though, just enjoy the stock pack. License: CC-BY-NC-ND. (May change but I just don't want recolors happening.) Install instructions: Unzip entire thing the first time to preserve folder structure. Then delete the sunflares you don't want. Stock Pack :: DOWNLOAD SSRSS Pack :: DOWNLOAD Galileo Pack :: DOWNLOAD ( SpaceDock :: GitHub ) Red Packs :: Soon™ Blue Packs :: Soon™ * May fail to work if added to a CKAN install containing EVE.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to install Vaughn's Astroniki Sunflare for Stock KSP using CKAN but I am not managing to make it show up in the game. I have also installed Scatterer and Scatterer Sunflare as required. Any ideas of what I can try to do about it? Here's the full list of mods I am using: Many, many thanks!!
  3. I keep on getting errors using Flare Exporter on Kopernicus and I can't fix it, I've already tried changing unity versions among other things but to no avail. If anyone has a clue, then any help will be greatly appreciated.
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