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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone. A little known fact about me is that I like trains. So, I was wondering if any of you guys on this forum also like twains. I already know that @adsii1970 models in N scale, and @dundun93 plays Trainz A New Era, a train simulator. Please, let me know what you guys do. Personally, I play Trainz with @dundun93 and I model Conrail in the early 1990s in N scale. Everyone share pictures, videos, thoughts, expertise, and tips. Let's make this a Train enthusiasts area. Also, you guys deserve more memes/gifs!!
  2. Howdy, Y'all. Way back in ye old days of 2013 KSP, a younger and perhaps less-skilled me tried his hand at building a steam locomotive replica. This was the result: Not too shabby, given the limited part repository at the time. Though I've seen many KSP players build fantastic train replicas, I had yet to come across one that utilized the new stock robotics parts to make working running gear. So, I set out to overhaul Jeb's once-mighty steamer with the latest in Kerbal engineering technology: Jeb's Locomotive was designed to
  3. So I'm currently working on a stock magnetic rail using docking port for their magnets. I only started some test and probably won't have the patience to push the concept very far, but I thought it might be a good idea to share the extent of my knowledge to spark some ideas, and to debunk others (I had a lot of misconceptions which once debunked makes Maglevs look much more easily doable). The setup I tested for now is one docking port facing downward anchored to Kerbin (the "rail") and one facing up ward (the "train"), at some variable distance, with some variable ballast. The
  4. Toy electric train with a working smokestack and separate rail cars , mini forest, water tower, moving windmill, tunnel/hill, and a flashing stoplight. Batteries included. KerbalX
  5. KerbalsAreKute on kerbalx.com likes the train stuff I've done and requested some functional running gear. After greasing all the bearings, here's what we got. There is no steering and no reaction wheels. 562 parts makes this craft pretty laggy for me, especially during staging. I split it up into many stages to give the computer time to catch up. KSP still crashes pretty often. I wanted to recreate a somewhat realistic drive wheel setup. IRL the 2nd wheel is the first one driven, which makes the connecting rod longer so the angles are less extreme (I lea
  6. I took the toy train set from X-mas 2016, deleted the tracks, added more cars, and now you (and Val) can drive it yourselves! Here's what's included: One steam engine from 100+ years ago. a coal tender to feed the steam engine, full of coal already. a tank car, empty a boxcar gondola hopper car passenger car (close enough) flatbed fantasy circus car and of course the caboose at the end At full throttle the wheels throw sparks (thanks to @Castille7) We hid 2 junos insid
  7. is there a way via any command, KOS Command, mod or cheat to unload physics for a vehicle so that it can be put on display safely? im taking a hybrid electric RTG Tri-jet train on the dakar rally. 705 as shes become known. taking race number into the running number and title with her 20+ wheel drive and boosters.. this trains become an absolute symbol of the never surrender motto of KTP land train operations in short 705 needs a home once the rallys complete.. though a train is a physics intensive thing hence needing away to unload physics for preservation
  8. After they missed devnotes for 2 days, and considering what they wrote in the pass ones, is it time for HYPE?!!!!!! Where's the hypetrain?
  9. Howdy all, Got bored and remade an old train I tried to make a while back for a challenge thread about making trains. It's all vanilla and does not move very well, I've yet to get any sort of stable flight no matter what wing configuration I use. If you try to get it to fly, be warned that it pulls to the left- the cause is the wing section behind the module- it is slightly off centre. Ship is located: https://kerbalx.com/Eppiox/Central-Pacific Hope you like it!
  10. Long have I pondered whether to do an Elcano challenge. the other week, when I was thoroughly hacked off at being able to make a very good shuttle but being useless at making an SSTO I had a little play around with rovers and went a little overboard. The Landcano was born: Let's have a look at some specifics: 1 panoramic cupola pilot center, and 4 berth driver cabin pod. Room for 32 passengers. 2 Juno engines for enhanced breaking, and 2 Wheesley Engines for straight line speed. Many, many wheels. While stylish and clearly very capable at mountain climbing, it was
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