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Found 3 results

  1. ## Community “Playmode USI” for Wild Blue Industries mods ## What is does I love the Wild Blue Industries (WBI) mods – MOLE, DSEV, Pathfinder, Buffalo. Great models, useful parts, attention to detail, and lots of good ideas which enhance my gameplay experience, such as the configurable templates. In all my long-term career saves I am also pretty much committed to the Community Resource Pack and Umbra Space Industries (USI) ecosystems, particularly Life Support and Kolonization. Most of the parts I am using (e.g. lots of Nertea’s stuff) have some support or compatibility for
  2. This is a place for sharing your creations from @Angel-125's Wild Blue Industries set of mods. From bases to airships and everything in between, its welcome here! WBI consists of : Deep Space Exploration Vessels (DSEV) Pathfinder Buffalo Mark one Lab Extension (MOLE) Heisenberg Airship Parts Snacks
  3. There's AURUM in them thar hills! This challenge (to anyone interested) is an evolution of a mission plan I had in the (I don't recall well) late KSP 1.0.5 days, but abandoned as a resource scarcity (before I knew about making mods or changing the seed of a save) fundamentally wasted my efforts and my many intricate crafts. Short and sweet: it was a grand Duna colonization plan involving MKS Lite, USI life support, NF Tech mods, old SSPX, and SpaceY Heavy Lifters. How it works Deploy SCANsats (or at least the T.E.R.R.A.I.N. Geo Scanner device which is equivalent to the M700 sto
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