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Found 3 results

  1. KranSmith

    Action Group

    I put the missile SM-2 in the launch tube [ MK-21 BDArmory ] and only 10 action group , when i create 15 missile i dont know how to launch missile #11 , #12 > 15. Is there another way to solve this prolemb??
  2. Stealth Rover! Post compilation. Formatted and reposted for a new generation, these are the adventures of Stealth Rover! Probably the largest sneaky rover out. Open the spoilers for military mystery and supersize sneakiness. Each post is pretty short. Do it. You know you want to. Nothing to see here.... Introduction to Stealth Rover Arctic escape Capture Spaaace! The Chase Blog Special Return of Stealth Rover?? Stealth Rover and the Krystal Kerbs
  3. I'm writing a small mod that exports the current state of the vessel to json. I've been searching this forum and the API for about three hours now without finding any hints on how to compile a list of ActionGroups that actually do stuff with the ship. The ActionGroups-Array on the ship only tells me, if they are toggled or not. Is there an easy way to get all ActionGroups that affect at least one part in the vessel? Also I'm having trouble finding a oneliner to figure out whether RCS is switched on or off. SAS was easy via Vessel.Autopilot.Enabled.