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Found 5 results

  1. This thread is for links to standing threads that cover upcoming launches from specific launch providers. These threads usually have links to the latest live launch coverage, as well as discussion about upcoming launches: (this has a countdown to next launch) (comprehensive list of upcoming launches) Someday ( ): Unflown Crew/Cargo vehicle threads for spacecraft soon to fly: Eventually we need a Relativity Space thread here, and some others as well...
  2. insert_name

    Arianespace launch thread

    There doesn't appear to be a thread for European rocket launches so I made this. This Tuesday ESA is launching Galileo 19-22
  3. I like how ESA uses animation and anthropomorphized characters now. This mission launched last night (UTC time) and will take seven years for the spacecraft complex to gradually bleed off kinetic energy by multiple encounters with Earth, Venus and Mercury itself. Hopefully everything turns out fine. Who knows what'll be the state of KSP in seven years...
  4. Ariane 5 will launch today from Kourou to put galileo satellites into orbit. If the launch is successfull, it will be the 75th success in a row! watch live :
  5. Hi everyone, I past some hours of the last night attempting to create a medium SSTO but after a countless number of failures and crash-to-desk my nerves cracked and so I went back to old-school rocket with this attempt to make an Ariane 44LP inspirated launcher, so here comes Ariadne 4. Why such an unpronouceable ancient Greek name ? Well, it is the original way of writing Ariane, even if it is admitted by a large number of people inside the E.S.A. that the launcher name never was based on this famous character from the Greek mythology but much more on the daughter's name of one high ranked member from the agency... The LP version was chosen to gives anybody the possibility to reconfigurate her in a full-liquid or full-solid assisted rocket. The main stage and liquid boosters are powered by six "Reliant", trying to simulate the "Viking 5C" but their lack of gimballing made that I had to place moving Standard Canards at the engines bases, unlike the Ariane 4 version with boosters... P.A.P. (Propulseur d'Appoint a Poudre or Solid Rocket Booster) are simulated by a pair of "Thumper" and provide enough thrust to help the launcher to pass the cloud level, at this time they will run out of propellant and the six "Reliant" can take care of the climbing. Same thing for the two "Reliant" booster, at the time of their separation the launcher is light enough to keep on limbing with the four remaining engines. The third stage used a "Swivel" to simulate the "Viking 4B" and the fourth a "Terrier" in place of the "HM-7B". The cost of the launcher is no more than 50 000 without the payload, and each boosters are recoverable with the Stage Recovery mod. The craft is available on KerbalX : And an album of the inaugural flight too : Hope you'll enjoy.