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Found 1 result

  1. I have Asperger i'm live in Poland as kid i always dreamed to be pilot in our Polish Air Force and be pilot of our Mig-29 or General Dynamic F-16 that our ministry of defense once bought or at least be airline Pilot in "LOT" it our Polish National Air Carrier. Recently i started to watch American TV series the good doctor, about autistic doctor Shaun Murphy and his struggles with acceptance in his profession, it based on Korean tv series that i also plan to watch. So i once read about NASA engineer that had Asperger and is both programmer and research test Pilot at NASA, btw both Wright Brothers was probably aspie too :-) So i dream what would be if i was airline pilot at "Lot" take-off from Warsaw Okęcie - (EPWA) into direct flight into New York, USA John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) or Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport,Rio de Janeiro (SBGL), Brazil. And after take off annonce following message, good morning my dear passengers, i want you to share with you that beautiful day we flying to America/Brazil we also celebrate today Autism Awareness Day, and i have wonderful information too you you captain is autistic too i'f you had something against that, well screw you because i gave excrements on every one of you too I hope that i did not crash due bad weather because i'm so scared thunderstorms( that would be lie because i love rain and thunderstorms :-) ) that plane, have nice day my dear passengers Have nice day my dear passengers