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Found 2 results

  1. So, what should I make a collab on? I had an idea of doing a collab on solar system exploration, in which every person would work together in a new stock sandbox (or maybe career) save to send missions to every planet and moon in the kerbol system. I'm sure if that would be a good idea for a collab though, so that's why I am asking.
  2. Hello, and welcome to the munar base collaboration challenge, where we as a community will be working together to build a mun base under restrictions, like a budget! (Inspired by the Kerbin Collaborative Space Station Challenge by @Ultimate Steve) The Beginning Its been about 50 years since KASA has first went and landed on the mun. KASA hasn't been back since then, and people are urging them to return. KASA has given us a total budget of 1.75 million kilofunds (AKA 1,750,000 funds) to build a mun base that will deliver crews and tourists to and from the base. The base will be called Munbase One. In this challenge, the participants will help construct the base using existing rockets to launch each part they have created and landers. We will be sharing and passing around a savefile that I have created to accomplish this. LKO is a 100km orbit. The Rules No Cheating, No savefile editing, No controlling other people's parts, only your ones, Everyone must work together, You Must Use An Existing Rocket For Launches, No Creating New Ones, You Can Do Simulation/Test Launches Before The Actual Launch That Costs Funds For "No Cost In The Budget", You Must Use Stock KSP, No MH The Launch Vehicles/Rockets There are 6 launch vehicles to choose from. You must use one of them for launching, not make a new one. You cannot change fairing size, unless you want to pay an extra 12,500 funds. Rocket 1 - Ares IIB Cost: 17.1k. Tons To LKO/TLI: 3.5 tons. Flies Once Every: 25 days. Ares IIB is NOT Kerbal Rated (Meaning Kerbals Cannot Fly On It) Rocket 2 - KLS Cost: 103k. Tons To LKO/TLI: 20 tons. Flies Once Every: 100 days. KLS IS Kerbal Rated (Meaning Kerbals Can Fly On It) Rocket 3 - Katurn III Cost: 52k. Tons To LKO/TLI: 12 tons, but can be pushed to 13.5 tons. Flies Once Every: 60 days. Katurn III IS Kerbal Rated (Meaning Kerbals Can Fly On It) Rocket 4 - MV12 Cost: 24k. Tons To LKO/TLI: 5 tons. Flies Once Every: 35 days. MV12 Is NOT Kerbal Rated (Meaning Kerbals Cannot Fly On It) Rocket 5 - Kova VT6 Cost: 67k. Tons To LKO/TLI: 16.5 tons. Flies Once Every: 72 days. Kova VT6 Is NOT Kerbal Rated Rocket 6 - Ares IIC Cost: 25k. Tons To LKO/TLI: 8 tons. Flies Once Every: 40 days. Ares IIC IS Kerbal Rated Participation and Launch Plan Everyone that participates will each build their own separate part for the base. The parts will also be launched in order, one at a time. We also have to decide where on the mun is the base place to build the base, once we agree on the best spot on the mun to build it, then we can start construction. We also have to not go over budget, or the challenge is lost. Restrictions These are the restrictions for everyone that participates: Here is the current launch plan, if you want to launch a part that someone else hasn't chosen, tell me in a post below. Participants: @Johnster_Space_Program @Rocket_man1234 @Bill the Kerbal @Ultimate Steve @VA7NFH The Launchers (All 6 Rockets .craft files): Mun Base Plan Spreadsheet (Add To It!): To Everyone That Participates, Good Luck!