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Found 3 results

  1. Diary of a Kerbal:

    Diary of a Kerbal Daily reports from the KSA (Kerbin Space Administration) Day 1: Today at the KSA, we decided we would launch our first rocket straight to orbit. We used the Pyro 1, flown by Jeb, Bill and Bob. The launch was fine until Jeb let out some gas, which caused the rocket to destabilize for a few moments. After that the rocket was stable and they got to an 87 thousand km Ap and 84 thousand Pe. Jeb did all this without manuevers, we told him off, but he didn't even care.
  2. Precious Gem Company

    Hi after posting a lot in "What did yo do in KSP today?'' thread,i had a feeling of my own thread telling about my progress. Though i won't post now because it is not the time. (not so many users are active) But i will share my flags and new craft. Precious Gem company flag- Phoenix Aerospace Company (planes and rovers) And the latest and the most fast plane for now - Karambola-4
  3. I'm getting funds each day at the start of the day. Usually between 25k and 75k but it varies. While I love funds that just feels way too cheaty. I'm posting my CKan list here in hopes that someone can spot the problem. Ive been over it several times but cant figure out why I would be getting funds. On another note I'm not getting any rescue missions and I'm not sure why. They have always been my bread and butter farming contracts. So if you can see why that might be that would be nice too.