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Found 6 results

  1. Conformal Decals header screenshot by @Zorg, also featuring Bluedog Design Bureau About Conformal Decals adds a set of decal stickers to KSP, as well as providing a framework for creating your own decals which conform to the surface of the parts they are attached to. Instead of static geometry, they project the decal onto the parts they are attached to using a custom projector shader. The system is modular to allow for creating your own decal parts and packs. How it works How to make your own decals This version is the initial release of the mod, and there are many features planned to be added in the future Features CDL-F Flag Decal: Conformal flag decal, which uses either the mission flag or a flag of your choosing. CDL-1 Generic Decal: A set of conformal generic decals for planes and rockets CDL-2 Semiotic Standard Decal: A set of conformal decals based on the Semiotic Standard for All Commercial Trans-Stellar Utility Lifter and Transport Spacecraft designed by Ron Cobb for the movie Alien Dependencies Required: KSP (1.8.x to 1.10.x) B9 Part Switch (2.16.0). Bundled with release. ModuleManager (4.1.3). Bundled with release. Shabby (0.1.2). Bundled with release. Optional: Wild Blue Tools. For custom decals category in the VAB and SPH. Downloads [GitHub] [SpaceDock] Source code on Github CKAN support coming when I figure out how to use CKAN. Credits Art and Plugin code: Andrew Cassidy (Cineboxandrew) Semiotic decal pack based on the work of Ron Cobb Installation Place the contents of the "GameData" folder into the GameData folder for your KSP install. Shabby, B9 Part Switch, and ModuleManager are required. DO NOT DOWNLOAD USING 'DOWNLOAD ZIP' BUTTON OR 'SOURCE CODE (ZIP)' FROM GITHUB. Github works poorly with Git LFS and will sometimes download the LFS reference files instead. Download a release version or do a git clone. Licensing Art assets and configuration files are licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0, as described in the file. You are free to share and adapt them as long as you provide credit to Andrew Cassidy and share them under the same license. Plugin code is distributed under the GPL v3, as described in the file Any bundled mods are distributed under their own license: ModuleManager by blowfish and sarbian is distributed under a Creative Commons Sharealike license. More details, including source code, can be found here. B9PartSwitch by blowfish is distributed under the LGPL v3 license. Shabby by taniwha is distributed under the GPL v3 license.
  2. Flag Texts For KSP 1.10 This mod adds a set of flags that resemble a font set so you can write on your rockets using the 1.10 decals. the font is Amoreiza, Bold. Licensed under: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) I don't own the font used Spacedock: Texts?
  3. Ever wanted serial numbers on your rocket? Or put the mission name on your rocket? Now you can! This pack includes all 26 letters of the alphabet (W consists of two parts), a stripe (or a hyphen, according to the dictionary), and the number 0-9, all in Arial font. [snip] The pack is quite easy to make, just putting a letter on a transparent background. However, it's quite time-consuming, that's why I made it. To use the pack, simply put the folder in the Flags folder (Gamedata > Squad > Flags) and boot the game.
  4. I thought that the decals updated in version 1.10 would be a part with a very high degree of freedom. But it made me a little disappointed. The fixation of the decal radian arc makes it very headache when it is displayed on the fairing of different radii.I hope the official can use projection decals.just like@cineboxandrew ,His work Conformal Decals has a very high degree of freedom, you can create whatever you want
  5. A set of decal textures based on the icons designed by Ron Cobb for the movie Alien, the Semiotic Standard for Commercial Trans-Stellar Utility Lifter and Heavy Element Transport Spacecraft. In addition I also made a few icons based on the ones designed by Gavin Rothery for the 2009 movie Moon includes: The original set of 34 icons designed by Ron Cobb for the movie Alien Some more icons in the Semiotic standard's style for hydroponics and docking ports An additional set of 16 icons from the 2009 movie Moon designed by Gavin Rothery Each decal is 15x15cm and uses the part variant system introduced in version 1.4. This will not work in older versions of the game without being retrofitted to work with a mod like Firespitter possible future changes: more icons! alternate version where the figures in the icons are more kerbal-like Modulemanager patch to add the decals to other parts as MODEL{} elements Changelog: Downloads: Github Spacedock source: Licence: BSD
  6. UPDATE!! I now host on the new SPACEDOCK! There comes a time when I convince myself that its time to start doing some modding. Well here is my treat to you all! Introducing mission patches!!! Plop these suckers on the side of your fairings or fuel tanks to show that you really care about your missions. These patches are based on a true story. The story of real space-flight missions, past and near-present. Now this is a work in progress. Let me know if you like them and if you ask nicely, I can add some of your recommendations of missions as long as they were done in real life or will be done in the future. Lets take a look at what it s the pack. You will get 30 patches as seen below.... Note that this pack is a fork of Krasimir's Nebula decals. I have taken the liberty to expand on his work as he is no longer with the community. If you have the Nebula pack installed by him then you will need to remove that before installing my release. I have included his decal set which based on organizations and branding. This way you will have access to the legacy decals he made, and also mine. Hey umm maybe more pics?! Delta II with Curiosity (okay I know it was launched on an Atlas V , put those pitchforks and fires away) Delta II with New Horizons payload. Requirements : Firespitter by snjo TweakScale by Pellinor DOWNLOAD SPACEDOCK LINK GITHUB LINK Installation : 1. Extract 2. Make sure NEBULA is the folder that is under the gamedata folder. Example.... KSP(whereEverONyourHARDdrive)/GameData/NEBULA 3. In the VAB you will see blank white squares with red text on them. This is your part. Install part and then right-click and then click "previous texture" or "next texture" to change the mission patches NOTES: -The mission patches are supported using the 1X1 square curved&flat decal plate. The 1X2 and smaller does not support these due to constraints. -This is a WIP. This probably is not perfect. This is my first ever mod for KSP :/ Thanks and Hugs: Thanks to Firespitter for his texture changing framework Thanks to Pellinor for his tweakscale Thanks to Krasimir for the Nebula Decals mod. This mod is licensed using License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0