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Found 2 results

  1. I am building a cargo plane with a rover inside, and I want to use the EAS-1 External Command Seat because it, well, looks cool. As far as I can tell, the only way for me to get kerbals into the seats is to exit the cockpit of the plane and walk all the way around to the back of the plane and manually board the rover. Is it possible to make Kerbals spawn in the seat instead? Thanks in advance, -Jagger
  2. bewing

    Poor Bob!

    (OK, another one of those "Is anyone else doing this?" threads.) The geniuses at Mission Control suddenly made a realization. The "one unique sample" restriction with command pods is very confining -- but there is a way around it. (Perhaps we can have a discussion later in this thread comparing and contrasting Exploits vs. Cheating vs. "Utiilizing the Laws of the Game Universe to Your Advantage".) The External Command Seat has no sample restrictions. So, Mission Control decided to test this theory, and (as you may have realized) this is where you come in. Bob and Jeb were sent off to that wonderful spot in the nearby desert, where there are six biomes within a few km of each other to gather an enormous number of samples. After a long afternoon of doing experiments, Bob sat in the seat -- carrying far more samples than could fit in a couple pods. Jeb, being a good pal, hurried Bob back to the comforts of KSC at Mach 1. (And most of us know how Bob feels about flying ....) This worked out so well that our intrepid Kerbonauts were sent to that great spot near the North pole where there are eight biomes within a few km of each other. After a very hard day of collecting far more samples than would fit in two command pods, Jeb was the soul of kindness and brought Bob back at Mach 2 this time. And the external command seat has no seatbelt -- that must have been exciting! We had to buy Bob a new pair of pants after this trip. The ones he was wearing were not considered "cleanable" anymore. Anyway, the gang in R&D was so happy with that pile of data that we had to finish things out. Bob didn't want to go with Jeb, so we sent Bob and Val to that spot in the Badlands where the remaining four biomes all meet at a point. And Val was just as sweet as Jeb, and brought Bob back at Mach 2 again. Bob is now catatonic for some crazy reason. The psychologist says, "His fear of flying is now deeply etched into every fiber of his being." Oh well. All the biome data at Kerbin is collected, so there is no more flying to do. When he snaps out of it, we'll stick him in an MPL and lob him into space to analyze all his data.