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Found 4 results

  1. Had to restart the game from the previously mentioned Mission Control bug. Loaded in and all quicksaves and saved ships from both VAB and SPH have disappeared. Reset the game again and they still not there. Did the game delete them? Turns out that I can no longer save ships I've built or even launch a ship from either the VAB or SPH. I can build ships but as soon as I click launch or save ship, the "Return to space" "Launch" "Open craft" "new craft" "Save craft" buttons are all greyed out. The other buttons work but can't back out only reset. But resetting the game doesn't fix it. Can I get a refund? Don't really wanna start again to bug test a broken game I payed full price for.
  2. Attempted to start a Career mode game. Gained enough science to unlock a research node, unlocked it, this doesn't "purchase" the parts (correctly), so I try to purchase them. Within the R&D centre: 1. Select a node 2. Press RB to open the Part List 3. "Hold B: More Info" --> This just closes the window 4. Big green "Purchase" button, there is no way to click this button, unable to purchase parts. Note the screen shows "Hold B: More info" and also "B Return to Tree" --> return to tree works, but having two mutually exclusive features on the same button? Especially as "B" seems to otherwise universally (and sensibly) be "Back" Until this is fixed Career mode is unplayable as there is no way to progress beyond the initial default parts. Q: how on whatever planet we are meant to be on did this not get caught during basic testing? I Mean seriously, a button on screen with no way to select it? Guessing "Unit testing" only, not actual play testing, so presumably the button would actually work - if only someone had thought to provide a way to press it. Attempts to correct: 1. Switch to cursor mode: Failed, cursor mode is apparently non-functional within the R&D centre 2. Pressing buttons at random: Failed, nothing appears to select the purchase button, or highlight the "more information" about any part
  3. I am using realism overhaul, and I was forced to remove procedural parts in order to get my game to launch. Whenever I try to launch any vehicle, there simply will be no stage for my engine, therefore pressing space does nothing at all (except maybe deploy parachutes or decouple some nodes).
  4. I lost all my progress of getting a rover to eve due to this bug, and it's very frustrating that the game refuses to save so there's no point to playing ksp if all my progress is lost