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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the Public Community Science Definitions for Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul. Here, you are able to submit, edit and produce science definitions for each planet, each biome and each science experiment for Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul. RULES: Please be respectful and provide legitimate science definitions for planets. I don't want to have to go through them all and correct immature writing. Please don't change what others have done unless it's to correct a grammar or spelling error. Don't mess around with the format of the document as the person who set this up put a lot of effort into it. Only write in the yellow space provided and clearly marked on the spreadsheet. How do I write science Definitions? You can easily write your own science definitions by writing text in the yellow boxes next to the planet and biome. Not all of the planets are present in the document, but I/the creator will add them at a later date. Use the 'User Edits' tab to input your definitions. You can see which experiment you are performing at the top of the spreadsheet. Notes Please note that not all 30 planets/moons are present in the document. I cannot get through writing all this text alone. I would greatly appreciate the support in this endeavour. Credit to @FuzzyMeep TWO for creating and formatting this spreadsheet. Click here to be taken to the spreadsheet. Thank you.