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Found 2 results

  1. I've been carrying this idea for a few months now and I figured it would be quite neat to have. Its customization and versatility would be at least on par with the Kopernicus feature: HazardousBody, which replaces HazardousOcean and does not require the hazardous body to possess an ocean or atmosphere. Its overall purpose is to add that missing aspect of challenge, of risk and reward to exotic planets in your favorite planet mod(s). The idea first came to me while watching beaucoupzero's video of a KSPI shuttle entering into Deemo, the yellow acid moon in @AndrewDraws Extrasolar mod and sadly not taking damage from the atmosphere. (Video link starts at 10:00, you don't have to scrub it or watch the whole thing.) HazardousBody can be applied and restricted by altitude regions, points with effect radius (making only the insides or immediate areas of volcanoes deadly in-game), latitude regions, possibly even complex toroidal regions. It can even accept a grayscale map texture (which needs investigation). It's an incredibly powerful feature just for manipulating heat. But there is more to a deadly planet that exposed lava. So, what I'm envisioning is a cousin to HazardousBody. With how complex it can get and its deep involvement with parts, I doubt I can hope for it to be fully realized as a feature of Kopernicus, but as its own part failure mod or a sub-feature of another part failure mod, or a certain habitation mod. Suitable existing mods that come to mind are Kerbalism, Kerbal Health, BARIS and Oh! Scrap, owned by @Sir Mortimer @garwel @Angel-125 @severedsolo. Also paging @linuxgurugamer because why not? How I imagine it will work in-game is: Parts carry an HP gauge and a resilience factor (equivalent to this is the DEF or SP DEF stat in monster/magic battle games). Resilience is how reactive or non-reactive the part is to the acid around it, and HP scales with mass by default but can be influenced by one or two factors such as heat tolerance or part category. Depending on the resilience value given to a part, it is implied to largely consist of weaksauce Aluminum sheets...or consist of a very buff, complex Carbon lattice. Some parts, despite having a powerful outer hull composition, may still have exposed innards that aren't and can't be as well protected such as intakes or shrouded solar panels. There will be facilities to refurbish parts and restore HP (very much like any maintenance process within a failure mod), but not all parts can qualify such as early-game crewed parts, delicate science instruments or certain classes of engine. Kerbals would be most vulnerable to corrosion. Just as with EVA fuel, when a kerbal leaves the ship they may take from a limited, onboard supply of dispensable anti-corrosion coating, and when they board or disembark, the part possessing the hatch should have especially high resilience or should take corrosion damage. Planets will have two or three corrosion factors, simply measures of how powerful its acid (or alkali) is. One for ground, for the ocean, and for the atmosphere. Why separate factors? It's possible for a planet to have a corrosive atmosphere and a neutral ocean, or a neutral atmosphere and corrosive ocean. The ground factor will apply to anything immediately touching the ground (such as landing legs or EVA kerbals). The ground could be saturated by acid rain. The ocean...pretty straightforward. And to the atmosphere (basic, scaling in intensity with atmosphere pressure). Additionally, this ideally should also accept a float curve for atmospheric intensity and would enable such things as the boundary in Venus' atmosphere above which it's still completely safe to fly but below which are the acid cloud deck and sudden acid rain. Ideally, the corrosion should only affect the outermost parts of a ship and work its way inward, giving substance to the concept of applying armor to your ship. Advanced features: Certain modules will break and become unavailable if the part bearing this module has sufficiently corroded (taken a certain fraction HP loss). This can easily help simulate breached cabins and greenhouse environments. If a part has an ablator module then whatever resource is used by this would be consumed and would mitigate the corrosion damage. Parts can be destroyed (critical failure) after taking a certain fraction of damage before losing all of their HP, such as a fragile tank full of highly reactive resource like CryoTanks and LH2 or Oxidizer. Kerbals and certain parts can have upgrade-able resilience factor or HP. Life support mods (Snacks, Kerbal Health, Kebalism) will respond to excess HP loss on the kerbal and apply their appropriate negative status (stress!, poisoned, panic, fainted) to the kerbal. This, if it was realized as a mod could add much more immersion, when applicable, to an interplanetary or interstellar experience in KSP. Activate this alongside part pressure limits, and hostile worlds like Venus in RSS, and Deemo in Extrasolar will get that much more interesting and immersive.
  2. I just want to know if I can run KSP with under 20 mods with the following system. Been looking online, but haven't come across anything. It's a desktop. Also My laptop keeps crashing and overheating. What can I do to fix that problem too? AMD Sempron 145 2.8 GHz8GB Ram750GB Hard DriveWindows 10Radeon HD dedicated graphics 64 Bit OS