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Found 3 results

  1. Development Release of the first official add-on to Infernal Robotics This mod will NOT work without the latest version of Infernal Robotics. ModuleManager is required as well and not included in the download. What it does? This add-on serves as an example on how to use IR's new API. With this mod you can create and play sequences of servo movement commands and special commands, like GoTo, Toggle ActionGroup, Delay and Wait. Other examples of what is possible with Sequencer: This mod would not have been possible without invaluable help from @ZodiusInfuser & @erendrake Download: Source: License: GNU GPL version 3, 29 July 2007.
  2. So I got Infernal Robotics from CurseForge (99% sure I got it for 1.3), and all of the parts show up in my tech tree and the VAB. I can attach the parts to my crafts, but right clicking on them only gives me my TweakScale options and nothing else. Right clicking on them after the craft is launched does nothing, so they are pretty much just structural parts right now. Am I missing an install of something, or is it possible that I have the wrong version? Thank you for any help.
  3. Hey, I have a heavily modded install of KSP, running 1.3 with all updated mods (except for a few, but I have patches and whatnot), and there is this odd, shiny white pill like object that is everywhere. It is in the VAB and the SPH where the parent part is and follows me in flight, even in EVA. I have looked everywhere for a solution and I found one. There was an old thread from 2014 and it said that it was an incorrectly packaged .dll file called 'CITUtil.dll' that is apart of the ActiveStruts mod for IR, but I don't have that file. It also said that it had something to do with Unity and it was a bug or something for that? I have looked all over my PC and couldn't find a file named CITUtil.dll. I have put up with this bug for too long and I'd like to have a solution to it, thanks.