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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, as the title says my modded KSP client will always crash eventually after an undefined and random amount of time but crashes more frequently the longer the thread/client has been active for. All Logs - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mb4Qr6ELyVYe3dCK_8q_yrkgBUd7svfz/view?usp=sharing
  2. I had a rocket set up for a duna mission but forgot to get a good transfer window, so I went to jool! I've barely done a manned Mun landing and am already getting to Jool. I'm freaking out right now. I don't do manned missions outside of Kerbin orbit, so this is unmanned, but I still feel really proud.
  3. Hello there! Recently, I have been having major problems with Kronal Vessel Viewer. When I say major, I mean that the little button for KVV doesn't even show up. The mod doesn't work at all. I have downloaded the dependencies, but they haven't worked either. I have done what I do with every mod which is putting the extracted .rar or .zip into the GameData folder. I suspect two problems that I can't fix myself; 1. the Toolbar Controller and ClickThroughBlocker dependencies are for different versions, as one of them doesn't support 1.9 and only 1.8 2. the latest continued Kronal Vessel Viewer I could find is for 1.9.1 and I am running 1.12.2 Any help is greatly appreciated! Fingers crossed, SecondHandRocketScience, Founder and Chairman of Acorn Aeronautics
  4. Hey, I have a heavily modded install of KSP, running 1.3 with all updated mods (except for a few, but I have patches and whatnot), and there is this odd, shiny white pill like object that is everywhere. It is in the VAB and the SPH where the parent part is and follows me in flight, even in EVA. I have looked everywhere for a solution and I found one. There was an old thread from 2014 and it said that it was an incorrectly packaged .dll file called 'CITUtil.dll' that is apart of the ActiveStruts mod for IR, but I don't have that file. It also said that it had something to do with Unity and it was a bug or something for that? I have looked all over my PC and couldn't find a file named CITUtil.dll. I have put up with this bug for too long and I'd like to have a solution to it, thanks.
  5. Hello Astronauts and Kerbonauts, I wonder which version is currently more popular among the modding community. For some reasons I would appreciate 1.2 and further more due to stability and some stock game improvements, but currently for my realistic modded KSP I still use the version 1.1.3. Althougth it takes about 10GB Ram and a whole 10min startup time - there are some mods I am completly missing in higher versions and as long as they will not be updated, so won't I. What's your opinion? Which versions do you prefer and why?
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