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Found 2 results

  1. The aim, scope, intentions of this thread: Want to start a rover-based race, but dont want the headache of managing it? Hopefully we can help. Heres a few cookie-cutter even formats you can use to rapidly start a Kerbal Racing League-style event. By the way, feel free to use that moniker, should you use any of these tools. Just keep in mind, KRL is a distinction that denotes a race that follows certain guidelines. Those guidelines that define a KRL event will be emboldened for visibility, and accompanied by a small note to that effect. You could, ideally, copy/paste the following outlines into your thread, change the necessary fields, and get the race started. Have fun! EVENT FORMAT Most will fall under the categories Sprint, Circuit, Staged, or Survival. Heres a a few format headers for your race thread: SPRINT (Drag races, Hill Climbs, one stage rally, etc...) Pretty straightforward, right? lets go ahead and flesh out the others: CIRCUIT (KSC Technical, Meat Grinder, Baton Pass) STAGED (Dakar, Targa, TSD, N. Pole to S. Pole - anything best subdivided) one more... SURVIVAL (Easter egg hunt, Fuel efficiency challenge, Stabbing Westward (heh)) CLASSES: It will become eveident that placing certain players and vehicles in the same league within your event is a bit unfair. At a minimum, players will choose to play completely stock, as the game is released from SQUAD - or they will want to use various mods to offer them options during the event. This is a good place to start with Classes. It may be necessary to disallow modded vehicles in your race, but realize that will have a drastic effect on the number of entrants. Anyways, heres a few ideas for class division: WHAT MODS ARE ALLOWED? You are likely to allow modded entries in your event. The question of what is legal is likely to arise. A few permissive levels described below (you may want to mix and match, this is more so you dont miss something). GIVEN A SMALL ENOUGH FIELD OF ENTRANTS, YOU MAY FIND IT EASIER TO APPROVE MODS ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. BEWARE DRAGONS, AS THIS WILL MAKE PLENTY OF WIRK FOR YOU. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS EVENT HOST/ORGANIZER OTHER RULES This will likely become a catch-all section as this thread grows, but we'll use it as a place to discuss other areas of your race you may not have considered. Keep in mind, the less rules the better. This doesnt mean just start an event and expect it to go off without a hitch because it has #NoRulez. Just try not to be heavy-handed. That will turn away potential competitors. MODS THAT MAY HELP YOU MANAGE THE RACE Watch this space for future edits, ammendments, & pointers.
  2. KRL (Kerbal Racing League) Welcome! Here is going to be any news on events regarding the KRL events. Any type of race is allowed, but they must not conflict with any other racing events. Make sure to look here for any info that you need for making your own event. This thread here is mainly to help people wishing to join a series what events are going on at what time, however this can also help with scheduling or anything else like that. Enjoy! January 1st - February 1st Dakar Rally Format: Staged (7 Stages)