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Found 3 results

  1. MattrimCenturion

    IXS Enterprise!

    Yay! the IXS Enterprise is a reality! I made this from scratch. I am pretty sure people have made this already, but I wanted to make my own. mods: Mechjeb 2.0 and KSPI-E. Any questions? Just ask. You may need to add a few fuel canisters. I left them out so you could do a little Work for yourself. You can use my craft however you like, just credit me. Any questions? just ask! Craft File
  2. Hey, I recently installed KSPI-E. It is a great mod, but ever since the newest update, it has asked to update three times every time I launch the game. Here is the mod's link, I don't know if this is just me or a glitch. I would appreciate any help!
  3. Hi. I am trying to create a simplified mechanic for nuclear reactors and engines. The objective is a straightforward, configurable, unified-balance mod with minimal RAM consumption. Mechanisms: Reactor are based on RTGs, with an optimal temperature based on size. Reactors and engines use Thermal or Electric MegaWatts. Reactor and generator efficiency depends on temperature. Integrated into the stock thermal control system (radiators). Features: Unified balance, configurable for different solar system sizes. Allows multiple great mods to work together Simple to understand and even simpler to use - focus on providing options instead of hindering gameplay. Requires: Module Manager Tweakscale Downloads Core mod: SpaceDock v1.0 Integration packages (install alongside core mod): Near Future Tech SpaceDock v0.1 Near Future Tech Power Balanced SpaceDock v0.1 USI Core KSP Interstellar - Extended After testing out KSPI-E, I found it very well developed, but hard to re-configure and with very reduced compatibility with other mods. Near Future mods are the result of some amazing work by Nertea, but they too have a complex thermal management system and the 'power level' of the parts isn't scaled with other mods. I also wanted to use the MKS Core set of reactors from RoverDude without their complex resource mechnisms and top-down balancing. The results of this mod would be a set of reactors and engines with bottom-up balancing and open-ended compatibility. I'll start with the above three for now, then move on to other mods. Completed: Specific waste heat outputs accomplished. Near Future integration In development: Adding second Electric Engine. Solving KerbalEngineer inability to calculate dV issue. Planned: Add multi-fuel and variable Isp settings to appropriate engines. Move balance from a per-part basis to full heat management/fuel/reactor/engine combinations. Balance part cost and tech tree node placement. Acquire testers! Create picture tutorial. Changelog: v1.0: Created SimpleNuclearNearFuture that integrated Near Future reactors and engines into SimpleNuclear. Adjusted some settings for the Thermal engines (reduced heat production). Rebalanced the Fission Fragment reactor from 10MW/ton to 50MW/ton. Disclaimers: This mod contains part models and textures from KSPI-Extended. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.