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Found 1 result

  1. O no, not another BDA dogfighter challenge....... OWWWWWWWW YES, Let's destroy each other once again by building the JSF > Ultimate Fighter popping some bullets ! What makes this challenge different from the others ? - No planes will be public before a duel, uploading links must be send to me via PM. - When I have the first 2 planes send in,the duel starts, the 3d plane will fight the winner etc etc. - You have no idea who or what you are up against... Edit: When you get shot down you are allowed to enter a new or updated craft ready to fight again. Mods used by the current winner will be public, not the craft. I will host all fights, recording them for youtube. I will test any duel 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2, making a clear judgement. I will not participate myself, only judge. The Rules: - guns only, static, max of 2, No missiles. - Radome is a must, don't get lost. - mods allowed. - Max 2 engines: Juno,ion rockets, you may even use jets,I don't care. - Max number of wings = 8, more then you need. - No stacking engines or hidden wings, but you may hide your ammo inside the fuselage. - No drones. - Use any settings you like on the AI pilot flight computer and the Weapon manager. Want to test your craft ? fight mine: 1_1 Savage.craft?dl=0 I might have forgotten some info or rules, let me know when you have a question. Goodluck gentlemen.