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  1. Download from Github Changelog DISCLAIMER This mod is not in a final release state yet and everything you see is subject to change. I will do my best to make every update compatible with your savegames from the last version, but cannot guarantee it. This mod is science mode ready. All parts are placed at there correct node in the tech tree. This mod is career mode ready. The parts and the printing process itself (cost of MaterialKits plus EC) is scaled so that costs of MaterialKits and other resources match the cost of the printed parts. What does it do? The OSE - Workshop is a new Part that is meant to be used together with Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). It allows you to create parts in flight. Current Features Queueing of items for production All Items require MaterialKits, ElectricCharge and a crew of two Kerbals to be created The amount of MaterialKits needed is depending on the mass of the created item => To create an item with the mass of one ton you need one ton of MaterialKits (not one unit) Recycling of items stored in your vessels inventory Processing of Ore into MaterialParts Cancelation of item production Selection of target inventory Efficiency based on Crew Traits Planned Features Specialized Workshops for different categories Known issues and restrictions N / A Requird mods KIS by KospY and Winn75 FirespitterCore by snjo CommunityResourcePack by the KSP Community ModuleManager by sarbian & ialdabaoth Recommended Mods Pathfinder by Angel-125 MKS-Lite by RoverDude License OSE Workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which means You are permitted to use, copy and redistribute my work as-is. You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures, etc.) and release them under your own name. You may not use the material for any commercial purposes. You must use the same license as the original work. You must credit the following people when publishing your derivatives in the download and forum posts: ObiVanDamme and Enceos (OSE Workshop), KospY and Winn75 (Kerbal Attachment System). Credits and Thanks The included plugin Community Resource Pack (by RoverDude) is distributed under it's own license. The included plugin ModuleManager (by ialdabaoth & sarbian) is distributed under it's own license. The included plugin FirespitterCore (by snjo) is distributed under it's own license. Portions of this codebase include source by taniwha, used under GNU general public license. KIS is the original Work of KospY and Winn75 - Thank you for creating this awesome mod. Authors ObiVanDamme: mod idea and C# programming Enceos: 3D models and textures Angel-125: Maintenance during absence