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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning! I've been searching the forum for a bit now, and I don't doubt this question has been asked before, but it's been hidden so well that I thought it easier to just post a new one. As my contraptions have grown ever more massive, so has launching them into orbit become more of a chore to my CPU, and myself. Especially since the increasing stresses on the various components of my ships make failure at some point during the launch more and more likely. From the KSP.log, I've got a pretty good idea of the cause of most failures, but I'm still lacking a log that tells me exactly what the failure mode is, eg. [2019-07-05 17:39:59] AFF59 Aeroshell ID=237849 failed because number of transverse Gremlins (6) exceeded max design limitations (5 transverse Gremlins). Is there a standard feature of the game that does something like this, or is there a mod or other bit of tooling that might tell me more about the exact failure mode? Playing KSP_1.7.2 64bit on Linux, MH + BG DLCs installed, with basic utility mods, but no parts mods. Thanks!
  2. Hello all!! Being close to my Fall Break, I have had extra time to begin contemplation of a new mod! After playing KSP yesterday, I realized that an interplanetary mission would require food to feed the kerbals. I like to think of KSP as a relatively ideal version of the space program; the astronauts don't have to worry about food, electric charge, etc. Moreover, KSP does not cause parts to randomly fail. Does everybody remember the Antares Rocket Explosion that happened about 3 years ago? Since explosions are what make KSP interesting, I think that random part failures will make the game even better. Here are some features that will be inserted into the mod: My rule for making these mods is based on how well the community would want a mod like this. If you want to see this mod completed, please show your support so I can gauge which mods I have to prioritize finishing. If you have any suggestions, please list them in a comment; I am open to all suggestions for this mod.