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Found 1 result

  1. SSTOs galore

    So I looked through 7 pages and all I saw were SSTO threads from the spacecraft exchange, none here, so forgive me if there was already a thread here Anyway, SSTOs, I've got a lot of questions, and judging by the amount of SSTOs you guys build, I'm sure you can answer them, ask lots more questions, or take part quite easily in this thread. How big (i.e. How much can one carry) before a SSTO gets to big and becomes ridiculously inefficient? What would be the best engine setup for an SSTO, only rocket engines, jet and rocket engines, or SABRE derived engines? What's the best design for a SSTO, rocket or plane? What are all the different types types of SABRE derived engines? Maybe an aerospike type SABRE engine? For a plane, What's the best wing setup? Are they cheaper or more expensive to build than rockets, how much or little would one cost? Are they easier or harder to build? Are they more eco friendly or worse? What are the pros and cons of SSTOs? I have a very rough idea in my head for a SSTO that can carry 260 tonnes to LEO, is that good, or bad (In terms of power)? Here's some links;