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Found 1 result

  1. I am optimizing my vehicles for building a mining station on Eeloo. In the midst of this I installed KAS/KIS for the first time. Something really weird is happening and I do not know if it is due to the mods, or the game, or my stupidity. I built a skycrane/rover combination. I am using the in-game-cheat to orbit it around Eeloo while I optimize its functioning. When I first show up orbiting Eeloo all the solar panels deploy. I manually close all the gigantors on the rover and leave the solar panels on the skycrane deployed. Then I activate the engines and land. The rover is under the skycrane when they land, still connected, but the rover is still 6" above ground in the landed position. When I manually tell the stack-separator/decoupler/docking-port to decouple, it does, the rover drops to the ground, but suddenly all the Gigantor XL Solar Arrays open up on the rover, all by themselves, destroying both vehicles. When I decouple, the focus is on the skycrane, not the rover, but the offending action (panels opening) happens on the rover. And since the focus is on the wrong vehicle, by the time you "[" to change vehicles and hit the solar action group, it self destructs before I can stop them from extending (when I have an action group assigned). The best work around I have found is to launch the skycrane as soon as I decouple, which is BS. Why? It didn't used to screw up like this. Now I cannot make it stop even when there are no panels in any action groups. It does not matter which of the stack-separator/decoupler/docking-ports I try. I am out of ideas and frustrated. PC, Steam, McJeb / KAS / KIS, 8GB RAM, 4-CPU, 1 MEG video card