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  1. LanderTek (LTEK) by Axial Aerospace Modular lander parts... for landing. This is a modular pack of 1.25m, 1.875m, and 2.5m lander parts. More Parts, More Possibilities By zer0Kerbal, originally by @artwhaley adopted with express permission and brought to you by Axial Aerospace Preamble by @artwhaley See more Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Dependencies AxialAerospace Ltd (AA/L) Kerbal Space Program 2 Recommends by Axial Aerospace Ltd (AAL) Dreamer (DREAM) Simple Cargo Solutions (CARGO) WhimChaser (WHIM) Suggests Adjustable Mod Panel (KAMP) Biomatic (BIO) Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) Drop Tank Wrapper (DROP) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Inflatable PicoPort (IPP) Kaboom! (BOOM) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (LET) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) OScience Laboratories (OSL) Papa Kerballini's Pizza (PIZZA) Portable Science Container (PRC) Precise Maneuver (PM) Shielded PicoPort (SPP) SimpleConstruction! (SCON) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG) SimpleNotes! (NOTE) Solar Science (SOL) Stack Inline Lights - Patches (SILP) Stack Inline Lights (SIL) Tweakscale (twk) Kerbal Inventory System Kerbal Joint Reinforcement either Raster Prop Monitor MOARdV's Avionics System Supports On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) either 3 Module Manager /L Module Manager either for fully functioning wheels. may invoke bouts of dizziness. Firespitter core Firespitter Tags career, config, crewed, parts, uncrewed, variants red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @artwhaley for creating this glorious addon! see Attribution for more Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List Release Schedule this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  2. Presenting, the Sparrow RSV! The Sparrow Rescue and Support Vehicle is a dropship built to provide support to a growing colonial operation, with the ability to refuel or rescue stranded crews. Engines: 2x Terrier, 1x Poodle Power: 2x RTG, 2x SPL-1x6, 2x Fuel Cell Array Docking: 1x mini claw, 1x standard port (doreward, aligned with foreward engine thrust), 1x sr. port (ventral, aligned with VTOL thrust, can be swapped out for other sizes) Range: about 3 KM/S Payload: 2x small drill, 1x small ISRU, 1x large cargo container (full of various things that might be useful) DLCs/Mods: None, RCS Build Aid was used during contruction Crew: 2 Parts: 80 Mass: 38t AGs: 1 -> toggle foreward engine 2 -> toggle VTOL engines 3 -> toggle extendables (solars, comms, thermals) 9 -> control point vertical 0 -> control point horizontal Abort -> deploy chutes RCS -> toggles wheel steering, locked by default Sparrow comes with a large shuttle-type lifter. Just fly a standard gravity turn with the first stage, which should get you nearly all the way there. Stage again once out of the atmosphere to fire the Poodle. When nearly in orbit, ditch the booster by staging again. Once clear, shut off the VTOL engines with AG 2 and finish circularization. The booster might be recoverable, but it won't be easy. Download yours today! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fuFabgR526RpYIXuhwM1KDfncIcOt4p0/view?usp=sharing
  3. Is there any mod that allows you to tie spacecrafts together using some sort or rope like the skycrane was tied to the curiosity rover?
  4. I am optimizing my vehicles for building a mining station on Eeloo. In the midst of this I installed KAS/KIS for the first time. Something really weird is happening and I do not know if it is due to the mods, or the game, or my stupidity. I built a skycrane/rover combination. I am using the in-game-cheat to orbit it around Eeloo while I optimize its functioning. When I first show up orbiting Eeloo all the solar panels deploy. I manually close all the gigantors on the rover and leave the solar panels on the skycrane deployed. Then I activate the engines and land. The rover is under the skycrane when they land, still connected, but the rover is still 6" above ground in the landed position. When I manually tell the stack-separator/decoupler/docking-port to decouple, it does, the rover drops to the ground, but suddenly all the Gigantor XL Solar Arrays open up on the rover, all by themselves, destroying both vehicles. When I decouple, the focus is on the skycrane, not the rover, but the offending action (panels opening) happens on the rover. And since the focus is on the wrong vehicle, by the time you "[" to change vehicles and hit the solar action group, it self destructs before I can stop them from extending (when I have an action group assigned). The best work around I have found is to launch the skycrane as soon as I decouple, which is BS. Why? It didn't used to screw up like this. Now I cannot make it stop even when there are no panels in any action groups. It does not matter which of the stack-separator/decoupler/docking-ports I try. I am out of ideas and frustrated. PC, Steam, McJeb / KAS / KIS, 8GB RAM, 4-CPU, 1 MEG video card
  5. Control your descent speed exactly and fine-tune it in 1 m/s increments. Found on the CKAN as Vertical Velocity Controller This mod assumed you will use the Z key to control it. However, as this conflicts with the Set Throttle to Max command the mod is bound to no key upon installation You can use the on-screen buttons to control the mod but the following instructions on how to use this mod assume you have unbound the Set Throttle to Max command from the Z key and bound the Z key to this mod. The closest available alternate key for the Set Throttle to Max command is the Tilde(~) key, all other keys on the left side of the keyboard are bound to something else already. Latest Update: Version 1.32: KSP 1.3 Compatibility update. Localization is not supported in this version, English is still hard-coded. Localization will be added when this mod moves to the new GUI. KNOWN ISSUE: Due to this mod still using the old GUI system, some computers freeze for several seconds the first time a window using the old GUI is made visible in the game. This should only happen once per game session the first time an old style window (from any mod) is shown on screen by KSP. Moving to the new GUI in the next version (barring any bugfix releases that come first) will resolve this. Now, for feedback when your vessel is landed, the "Altitude:" text will change to a green "LANDED" text to indicate you are touched down even though the altitude is still reading a few meters of altitude. Full changlog here. Download: The mod is available on GitHub here. (Version 1.32) Source code on GitHub Module Manager is required for this mod to work. Download it here. This mod's icon will display in the stock toolbar if Blizzy's toolbar is not installed. Blizzy's Toolbar can be found here: blizzy's Toolbar Add-on License: Released under GPL 3 license. What this mod does: -Set a vertical velocity setpoint that will automatically maintained via downwards pointing engines. -The mod compensates for vessel angle off vertical so you can move sideways while keeping vertical speed the same. -Weight changes, such as burned fuel, are also automatically accounted for. -Aerodynamic lift from wings is accounted for. (Tail fins on a rocket will generate lift even when they point straight up.) -The setpoint can be set to the current vertical velocity or to 0 to maintain altitude. -The velocity setpoint can then be modified in 1m/s increments. (Configurable increment.) -Accounts for the presence of SRBs to make this usable during launch to avoid hitting terminal velocity. -Should be compatible with all mods, please let me know of any conflicts -Supports Davon Throttle Control mod to only control engines on Throttle 0 Details What his mod does not do: -Control vessels that generate lift solely with wings. If there are no downwards pointing engines, this mod can not do anything. Combination VTOL's work great though, especially in the horizontal transition as you pick up speed and the wings generate more and more lift. Want to control your horizontal velocity? Horizontal Landing Aid Quickstart: Show interface: Click the VEL button on the Toolbar (if installed) or hit Z to display the mod interface. Note that pressing Z will engage velocity control mode and maintain your current vertical velocity. Click the VEL button again to hide or click the bottom mode button when it is Control Off to hide the mod interface. Show settings: Click the Wrench Icon in the lower right. Vessel Tilt Compensation: This mod will compensate for the angle of your vessel and will maintain the vertical speed as directed. This is limited by your available engine power however, if you tilt far enough over that 100% engine power can not keep you up, the engine will lock at 100% and you will have to adjust your vessel's angle. (Or disable the mod until you recover.) Aerodynamic Lift Compensation: Because of the approximate nature of how KSP calculates lift, rocket tail fins generate lift even when pointed straight up. The mod compensates for this to keep your vertical speed at the setpoint. (In tests, the stock Kerbal 2 rocket was generating an acceleration of 0.5m/s^2 upwards with a horizontal speed as low as 25m/s from the 3 control winglets.) Keyboard bindings: By default this mod uses the Z key, although this can be changed if desired. Otherwise it uses the keys that are bound to throttle control, by default these are Left-Shift, Left-Control and X. This guide will refer to the keys by these defaults, but if you have changed which keys control the throttle, use those keys instead. These bindings correspond to the 4 top buttons (Off, Zero Vel, +1, -1). The Height Control and Operation Mode button have no keyboard binding and must be clicked. Note that you can rebind this key to any key on the keyboard, a mouse button, a joystick button, or a controller button. However, there is no conflict check, if you bind the key to something already in use, both functions will execute when the button is pressed. Velocity Step Size: On the settings screen, you can change the size of the velocity step from the default 1m/s. Note that due to how KSP handles text boxes, you can not enter 0.5 directly, rather you must enter the 5, then cursor back and enter the decimal point. This is due to the fact that KSP 'auto-corrects' the 0. to 0 and deletes the decimal point if no number is after it. Emergency stop: At any time, press any throttle key while Z is not held down will turn this mod off and return to KSP's default control scheme. Note that during orbital descent ("Free Pitch"), pressing a throttle key will behave as normal, but will not disable the mod. To disable the mod during orbital descent requires a double tap of the Z key. The first tap turns off Height Control and goes to Velocity Control, the second tap disable the mod. Altitude: Be aware that the altitude reported is to the vessel's center of mass and so will report an altitude of a few meters even when you are landed. For confirmation you have landed, the "Altitude" text will change to green "LANDED" text when you are touching the ground. Soft landing (Velocity Control): Press Z to maintain your current descent velocity, once near the ground hit Z-X to start hovering. Leave enough height to slow down, this mod can only slow you as fast as your activated engines will allow. Tilt your vessel to slide horizontally with your desired landing spot. Press Z-Ctrl to start descending, each press of Ctrl will increase the descent speed by 1m/s. As you approach touch down, press Z-Shift to decrease your descent speed (1m/s per press) and touchdown at a nice soft 1m/s or 2m/s. Once landed hit X (without holding down Z) to cut engines and disable this mod. Soft takeoff (Velocity Control): Press Z-X to enable the mod and set the desired velocity to zero. Press Z-Shift to increased your ascent rate by 1m/s per press. Press Z-X to set your velocity setpoint to zero to enter a hover, or press Z-Ctrl to reduce your ascent speed by 1m/s per press. Liftoff speed control: Takeoff as normal, once you reach your desired vertical speed hit Z and that speed will be maintained. Once clear of the lower atmosphere, hit any throttle key (while Z is not pressed) to disable the mod and continue your ascent as normal. Note that this mod controls vertical speed only. As you tip over your total speed will increase as your horizontal speed becomes a larger part of your total velocity. Height Control: First, the desired height to fly to must be entered. Click the 'Fly To' text box and enter your desired altitude. Only numbers and special keys (arrow keys, backspace, delete, etc.) are valid. Be aware that while the text box has focus, commands are not issued to KSP. However, pressing any non-number key such as W will cause the text box to lose focus and return control to KSP. It may take two key presses however, one to return focus and a second to issue the command. Once the desired altitude is entered, click the Auto Height button to engage and your vessel will fly the desired altitude. The mod will compensate for vessel tilt (up to about 30°) so you can control your horizontal speed by tilting your vessel. Pressing a throttle key will disable height control and return you to the default KSP controls. Pressing Z will enter Velocity Control mode with the Velocity Setpoint your current vertical speed. Height control can be enabled anytime the gray 'Auto Height' button is present. See warning messages below if you do not have this button. Descent from orbit (Height Control): When descending from orbit (or from a sufficient height), there is a special "Free Pitch" mode available. To use, enter the altitude you desire to stop and hover at in the 'Fly To' text box. The auto height button should say "Auto Height (Free)". Click this and the auto height button should change to "Free Pitch". This effectively arms the Height Control mode to take control of the throttle once you are low enough, but does nothing at this height. Continue to control your ship via the normal KSP keybindings to de-orbit. Note that pressing a throttle key does not disable the mod while in this mode. When you are 20 seconds away from the height where the Height Control mode needs to take over to hover at the desired altitude, the "Free Pitch" will change to "Thrust Warning", you then have those 20 seconds to return your vessel to pointing straight up so that the Height Control can take control of the throttle to bring you to a stop at your desired altitude. Height Control Button Warnings: This button can display several different things: TWR LOW: This means that 80% throttle, your vessel currently can not accelerate upwards. More engine power is required for Height Control to work. Velocity Control mode can still be engaged. TWR HIGH: This means that 1% throttle, your vessel currently can not accelerate downwards. This is almost exclusively caused by the presence of Solid Rocket Boosters. Height Control can not engage until the SRBs are expended. Velocity Control mode can still be engaged. Note that if either TWR HIGH or LOW become true when Height Control mode has been engaged, control will revert to Velocity Control with a setpoint of 0 so the craft will attempt to hover until you can correct the situation. Auto Height (gray text): Height Control is not currently engaged (although Velocity Control may). Click to activate Height Control mode. Auto Height (Free) (gray text): Your altitude is high enough that entering Height Control mode will be in the orbital descent "Free Pitch" mode, leaving you with throttle control Auto Height (Now) (gray text): Your altitude is such that Height Control will take control of the throttle as soon as you enter it. Auto Height (Thrust) (gray text): Your altitude is such that Height Control will take control of the throttle as soon as you enter it, but you are in the 20 second buffer zone between Free Pitch mode and Normal Height Control mode. In Auto: Height Control mode has control of the ship and everything is normal. You may pitch the vessel up to 35° off vertical for horizontal speed control and the Height Control mode will automatically adjust your vertical velocity to compensate. OVER PITCH: (Over Pitch in yellow text.) This is a warning condition that the vessel is greater the 35° off vertical and Height Control may not be able to compensate for that pitch angle. Height Control will still attempt to however and if you return to less then 35° off vertical, Height Control will be able to recover and return your vessel to the desired altitude. Free Pitch: This is a special condition that is only present during long descents, usually from orbit. When this mode is displayed you have full control of your vessel, including the throttle. During this time, pressing a throttle key controls the throttle and does not disable this mod. THRUST WARNING: (Thrust Warning in yellow text.) This is a warning condition that the vessel is about to thrust vertically to hold at the desired altitude. When this is displayed, you are leavingFree Pitch mode and you have 20 seconds to return to less then 35° off vertical, otherwise you may overshoot your desired altitude. Skycrane mode As of version 1.18, the compensation for adding and removing loads from a skycrane is now handled silently in the background by the mod. When you attach or detach a load from a skycrane, the mod should compensate for the weight different in a very short time (half a second or less) and you can fly as normal from there. Mod Use (Refer to screen shot above): Current Vertical Velocity: Shows you current vertical velocity regardless of whether this mod is engaged or not. Positive numbers is upwards velocity, negative numbers downward velocity. Velocity Setpoint: Has 3 modes. "---.--" is displayed when this mod is not engaged. "123.12" A number displays when the mod is engaged in Velocity Control mode and shows what the current target velocity is. "Auto" displays when Height Control mode is engaged. Disable Velocity Control: Clicking this button disables this mod (both Vertical Velocity and Height Control modes). This is the same as pressing a throttle key (Shift/L-Ctrl/X) with Z not held down. Set Vertical Velocity to Zero: Clicking this button enables this mod in Velocity Control mode and sets the Velocity Setpoint to 0 (zero). This is the same as pressing Z-X on the keyboard. Increase/Decrease Vertical Velocity by 1m/s: Clicking these buttons will increase or decrease the Velocity Setpoint by 1m/s when in Velocity Control mode. If the mod is not in Velocity Control mode (so not engaged or in Height Control mode), the mod will engage Velocity Control mode and use the ship's current velocity as the Velocity Setpoint. This is the same and pressing Z-Shift or Z-LCtrl on the keyboard. Target and Current Altitude: The current altitude of your ship and the desired target altitude above terrain (not sea level as displayed at the top of the screen) for Height Control Mode. Height Control Button: The button for Height control mode. Operating Mode: Shows you which mode the mod is currently in. "Height Control Mode", "Velocity Control Mode" or not engaged ("Control Off"). Click this button to go from Height Control to Velocity Control, and then click again to go from Velocity Control to Control Off. Direction: Set which direction is up. Click 'Direction' to see the current setting and the Up Down Forward Back Left Right buttons to set the up direction that way relative to the root part's local axis (which can be different then the world axis.) A red arrow will appear showing which direction is now up. This setting saves on a per vessel basis. Known limitations: -Jet Engine spooling is not fully accounted for and the craft will bounce before settling if jet engines are the primary source of lift. (No fix possible) -Does not account for RCS -Only practical near planets surface
  6. Hello, So I am pretty new to KSP, and I have watched a few tutorials on rovers which I am keen to start using. While learning KSP I have been alternating between building my own stuff and using some of the prebuilt rockets and aircraft. I've landed and returned from the Mun and Minmus and stranded a Kerbal on Moho, so now I am keen to explore more. But one thing I do not at all understand: how do you take a rover, whether built by me or one of the stock ones, and do anything with it? Once we get into multiple vehicles I am lost. 1. How do I attach it to a rocket? Do I need to make it a sub assembly? Do I always need some sort of decoupler? 2. Just to see what I could do, I was trying to get a stock Prospector rover into the cargo bay of the stock Mallard. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I opened the Rover, saved it as a subassembly and then opened the Mallard. I could not place the Rover in the Mallard in any way that did involve fusing it to the plane. Can't you just roll the thing up the ramp and secure it like you would a real jeep in a C5A? I've pasted some pictures below. 3. Testing the same rover just on the Kerbal runway, I get a message that it has no remote control or manned command modules. But it has two seats for Kerbals, and yet I cannot fill these. What is required that I am missing? 4. I was also playing with the stock Rover and Skycrane. Once I detach the rover from the skycrane I no longer have any control over the skycrane. Is there any way to retain that? What if I want to safely land the skycrane or send it back up to a mother ship? 5. Totally unrelated to the posted topic, but is there anyway to toggle Kerbal Engineer off or just hide the window when you are not using it? It's an amazing mod, but occasionally I'd like to be able to turn it off. You can see in the pictures how it is kind of in the way at the moment. Thanks for helping out a newbie
  7. Hi all! I've finally built that base! The space program was so busy with multiple launch windows (I had 3 in less than 20 days: Eeloo, Jool and Duna!), countless lucrative contracts and other shenanigans, that I did not have the time to warp much during the Kerbin -> Moho transfer... And then, the landing site was plunged in the dark upon arrival so, Kerbals had to wait in orbit during almost 30 days until it goes back into daylight. The base has more than 300 parts. The fps was terrible, I had to speed up the videos to around 3:1 - 4:1, so that a second lasts a real second. Next time, I'll assemble a more compact thing in LKO and haul it whole to target. Regardless, the contract system gave me insane amounts of money to finance that. Extract ore, plant a flag, build a teeny-weeny base with a solar panel, 4 seats, an antenna and a docking port, take measurements here and there... It all summed to almost 4.5 million funds and I've only used a fraction of that... Now to the video! Happy launches, Snaky_le_Vrai
  8. I wrote a script to do a skycrane-style rover landing on Duna, and then decided to make a cinematic instead of my usual script-showcase-style videos. This is the first cinematic I've ever made, and I also intend to make one for my Mun landing soon! Music: The Force Awakens, Trailer #1, John Samuel Hanson The Mole, Dunkirk OST, Hans Zimmer No Place On Earth, The Heart of Man, Tony Anderson All scenes were filmed in KSP 1.3. Mods used: kOS Camera Tools Distant Object EVE FASA Hull Camera VDS Kopernicus KSPRC Planet Shine Reentry Particle Effect Scatterer Texture Replacer Replaced Real Plume ...and many, many config edits in Scatterer, EVE, KSPRC, and Real Plume Hats off to the modders that make this game bearable to look at (and film)! Thanks for watching!
  9. So I picked up the strategy of landing on Duna. After rushing missions to get the science and the money for the ship / upgrades to KSC I built my ship to Duna. I sent 2 missions before, one for science in orbit (hi / lo ; duna / ike) and another for scansat the planet, both became polar orbital relays afterwards. The ship is a 2.5 nuclear engine with 3 more in aspargus to deliver it to Duna (i added a small tank with LFO fuel for the lander), the mission package is a 1.8m cargo bay with a single kerbal deep freeze pod inside, a 1.8m habitat, a 1.8 command pod, a skycrane (for Duna, as the lander cant land and return on his own) and a lander (for Duna and Ike). After a 285 day trip I unfreeze the kerbal, insert orbit right direct on Ike, land in an anomaly (got a nice sci bonus), return to orbit, refuel, move to Duna Low orbit (60km), leave the lander and the skycrane there (with the pilot of course), move the ship to a 400km orbit (in order to move it slower) and sincronize it with the lander, so I get remote tech signal after the land (I retracted the antena to avoid a snap). The land, turned off the lander engine, blocked cross feed and made a controlled, low power deceleration all the way down (avoid using full trust so the docking node dont snap or the fumes burn stuff on the lander). Before landing i set all parachutes to 5000m and 0.01 pressure. Opened everything, reduced speed to 10.5 m/s on the 5000 final meters, enjoyed the time to make some flying low science. Closer to the ground I undocked the skycrane as it was almost empty and it weight would flip the lander on the return trip, make small burns sideways with the lander, so the crane dont land on top of it. The lander came down at 11 m/s, demanding a controlled burn to touch down at 2 m/s. On the ground: collected the science from the flying low harvest, reset the equips, made some more on the ground, flag planting, eva report, sample collecting, harvested everything again. Strategia completed. the skycrane landed nearby, in one piece. Returning to orbit: 45% inclination burn with RCS turned on (essential) so the lander dont flip (quite high monoprop usage got me worried). Made some science while flying high, collected it on orbit. Orbit: Returned and docked with the main ship, transferred the science, spent a few days awake (I roleplay so it was interviews and checkings Bob Kerman is now famous). Bob returned to Deep Freeze and the ship is resting at 400km orbit for a bit longer than 1 year until the return trip windows opens. Once it returns I plan to park it in high Kerbin orbit and sent a ship to pick Bob and the Science (the part which i couldnt sent for 100% of it value). Price tag: 500k main mission, 300k from the other flights. The album: http://imgur.com/a/qOOYE
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