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Found 8 results

  1. In ksp 1.8 kerbal engineer is no longer compatible so I still use ksp 1.7.3 , I do this for other mods as well squad please make mods like raster prop kerbal engineer that are no longer supported by the developer compatible again.
  2. When update 1.8 happened my kerbal engineer stopped working and just showed scrambled letters has it been updated at all to work or is it just my install?
  3. Hello, So I am pretty new to KSP, and I have watched a few tutorials on rovers which I am keen to start using. While learning KSP I have been alternating between building my own stuff and using some of the prebuilt rockets and aircraft. I've landed and returned from the Mun and Minmus and stranded a Kerbal on Moho, so now I am keen to explore more. But one thing I do not at all understand: how do you take a rover, whether built by me or one of the stock ones, and do anything with it? Once we get into multiple vehicles I am lost. 1. How do I attach it to a rocket? Do I need to make it a sub assembly? Do I always need some sort of decoupler? 2. Just to see what I could do, I was trying to get a stock Prospector rover into the cargo bay of the stock Mallard. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I opened the Rover, saved it as a subassembly and then opened the Mallard. I could not place the Rover in the Mallard in any way that did involve fusing it to the plane. Can't you just roll the thing up the ramp and secure it like you would a real jeep in a C5A? I've pasted some pictures below. 3. Testing the same rover just on the Kerbal runway, I get a message that it has no remote control or manned command modules. But it has two seats for Kerbals, and yet I cannot fill these. What is required that I am missing? 4. I was also playing with the stock Rover and Skycrane. Once I detach the rover from the skycrane I no longer have any control over the skycrane. Is there any way to retain that? What if I want to safely land the skycrane or send it back up to a mother ship? 5. Totally unrelated to the posted topic, but is there anyway to toggle Kerbal Engineer off or just hide the window when you are not using it? It's an amazing mod, but occasionally I'd like to be able to turn it off. You can see in the pictures how it is kind of in the way at the moment. Thanks for helping out a newbie
  4. I recently bought the full game after messing around with the demo for a while and decided to install Kerbal Engineer to help with delta-v calculations and such. I then unzipped the file, put the engineer file in GameData, and started to play. I then opened the game in a sandbox mode game I had a few ships in, started creating a ship with a probe, and placed the ER-7500 Flight unit on it. Thing was, no HUD popped up, although it seems like something should be there. Anything I missed or should do? Appreciate the help.
  5. So I just recently got BD Armory on my computer, and I love it (I have 1.1.2 and I know that BD Armory isn’t compatible yet) but there seems to be a problem. I’ll be doing a battle with one of my tanks or AA batteries and the game will slow waaaaaaayyy down, which normally, I can cope with (I launched many rockets with several thousand parts regularly with 1.0.5 on a laptop, so I’m used to that) but then the game stops responding to my keyboard at all. The mouse still works, and can fire the guns, switch weapons, etc., but only at 1 fps or so. Also at this point, my computer is so hot that it hurts to touch it. I think that may be my computer, but after I force-quit KSP, it cools right down. Is this because BD Armory isn’t yet compatible, or something else? Does anyone else have this problem? If it is the mod, can I fix it, and if so, how? Oh, I also have Kerbal Engineer Redux.
  6. So I've recently updated my Nvidia Driver to the latest version and I go to play KSP and in the VAB my Kerbal Engineer display looks like it does below. Also look weird in the launch screen too. I cannot edit or resize any of the windows and it's very frustrating. help!!! I installed using CKAN BTW
  7. KSP ver. 32-bit Windows 10 64-bit Issue: Up until a few days ago, KSP seemed to be running fine on my laptop. Now when I access my flights in my career save, my framerate slows down into 10 fps territory, even on the map screen. I tried doing a clean install, but it didn't help at all. Mods I've installed are: Kerbal Engineer Chatterer Precise node Waypoint Manager Any ideas? It's in no way a high performance pc, but did run the game ok until the last few days. I have a gaming pc on which the game runs great, but I like playing the game on the laptop. :/ Can the amount of ongoing flights result in these kinds of problems? I have a few empty crafts orbiting Kerbin and its moons that I could bring down, but haven't yet got to them.
  8. Hi. While designing an engine mod, often I've had the idea of creating an engine that uses a regular propellant (liquid fuel, intakeAir) alongside a massless 'propellant', such as ElectricCharge. How do Mechjeb or KerbalEngineer calculate deltaV in that case? Is there a workaround if they can't? Is there a way to create some sort of Generator module with its consumption of a massless resource tied to that of the propellant flow, outside of an Engine module that Mechjeb/Kerbal Engineer reads?
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