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Found 8 results

  1. I have a relatively heavily modded install of 1.6.1, every few seconds in the editor it freezes for about a second or so, it is making the game basically unplayable and i dont know how to fix it Edit: now happens pretty much every half a second Edit: It only lags if i have a part in the editor, if it is empty there is no lag
  2. Hey guys! I'm running an, i would say moderatly modded install of KSP ver 1.3.0. The issue i'm having is a stutter which appears periodically in uncomfortably short intervals. My question is if the problem is simply my lack of RAM to run all these mods or perhaps something else? Also if it were the sooner do you guys have any recommendations on which mods to exclude form the list, which ones are considered RAM heavy? Modlist: Here is a screenshot of my performance monitor during the run: Here is a video recording the issue: (excuse the low frame rate i recorded it full HD @60 fps it was a bit demanding for my rig) My specs.: Acer Aspire v3 772G Laptop with an i7-4702MQ @2.2GHz (3.2GHz turbo), 8GB of DDR3 RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. The game runs from a Samsung SSD.
  3. So I've been playing KSP for a while now, and maybe im looking at it with rosetinted goggles or something but has the game always stuttered (fps dropping from stead 80-120 to freeze for a split second) every 5 to 7 seconds or so, it seems pretty consistent and happens regardless of where in the game I'm loaded in? I'm currently running what I atleast consider a "light" amount of mods, my game version is 1.4.1 and I invested in the expansion to boot. Can't figure out what's happening or what's causing it but it's driving me absoloutely insane
  4. Hey everyone...and for those of you in the US (or just prone to celebrating) happy 4th of July weekend! Over the past months I have been playing KSP daily. I have been using CKAN to mess around with dozens of mods, and most notably I have been helping @The White Guardian beta test his massive Evolution mod TWG is making a massive overhaul of Evo, so I thought this would be a good time to unisntall everything, update KSP to 1.3, pick some new mods for the future (I want a very simulation-like experience with life support, stage recovery, and failures etc). So I uninstalled and deleted everything and then reinstalled KSP and CKAN. Every time I do that and go to play the game stutters terribly. I can go up to a minute without one, but sometimes it pauses for three seconds every 10 seconds. I did free flight the other day and it was less common, but on my career mode every time I tried to do some SCIENCE! it paused, thought about it, then eventually decided to go ahead. But that was for every experiment. It basically made it a science slideshow. Is there anyone here that has any idea what could be causing this or that can help me fix it? It's not my PC, let me say that (6700K, GTX 1070, 32GB ram, SSD) as it never did this before anyway. I have a very long list of mods, but it's not more robust than it was necessarily. Let me know if anyone has suggestions or can help me with this. I would be happy to provide a mod list if necessary. Thanks! EDIT: forgot to mention I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it still happens. It also happened with stock planets and another planet pack.
  5. I got sudden stuttering in ksp at vab and sph( ) but i never had it before. I klnow its from unity garbage colector but can i fix it? Someone said somehting about fixing it:
  6. Hi, since im playing 1.1, the game has a constant stuttering with small microfreezings every 2-3 secs, no matter if in in EVA or flying or anywhere. It doesnt avoid playing but makes it very annoying. I have x64, 12GB RAM, AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.20GHz and AMD radeon HD 7800. It doesn't happen with 1.05 which i also have installed. Anybody having the same issue? Anybody knows how to solve it. Also it crashes sometimes when recovering vessel...
  7. I just downloaded 1.1.1 and tried it out and noticed that the GC stuttering got significantly worse, it now occurs almost twice as often for me. I went and removed all mods (just had only environmental mods like chatterer, scatterer, eve and planetshine) just to make sure it wasn't incompatibility-related, even removed GCMonitor but it didn't get significantly better. Actually, the game has now officially entered the unplayable state for me. In 1.1 it was really, really annoying but it's unbearable in 1.1.1. I can't understand how this can't be addressed with high priority, there are so many people that are affected by this bug and it has been reported multiple times. Seriously, I can avoid destroying my buildings with wheels by just NOT CRASHING INTO THEM but I just cant do anything about this constant stuttering. So please @SQUAD , either pressure Unity to make their garbage collection more adjustible or write your code so it doesn't trigger the GC that frequently (aka create less garbage). There is enough info on how to handle the Unity GC: I really, really can't understand why you don't adress this issue with the highest possible priority. The game is broken for me right now. I know I have it more frequent than most people but I noticed this very problem in countless KSP youtube videos. I made one on my own to point it out: Examples (just so you know I'm not making things up): Matt Lowne (0:49, watch the opening doors hang): Also found this in bug in Scott Manley's videos and others. I can provide more video evidence, but I think everyone knows this exists by now and I think it's time to put this on top of the TODO-list. I literally CAN'T play KSP anymore at the current state. A ~0.3 second flickering every 5 seconds makes the game more annoying than fun for me. Here one more screen shot with GC-Monitor up: Please @SQUAD, fix this. You did such an amazing job in the past, don't leave me hanging after nearly 6 years I've been with you and your project.
  8. Hey everybody. Since 1.1 I have a weird issue that causes the game to "stutter" every 5 seconds or so. I searched on reddit and the forums and the only answers I found were mod-related. So I went and put my game back into vanilla state, just to be sure (only used EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements anyways) but the stuttering still occurs. Well it's not really stuttering, it feels like the game pauses for 1-2 frames every 5 seconds. It doesn't matter how big the vessel is, tried it with a small plane as well as with a 400 part behemoth, no difference, the stuttering occures regardless of the craft, position (I tested landed at runway, in flight at Kerbin and low Kerbin orbit and the Mun). Has anybody experienced the same issue and is there a known solution? Thanks in advance Broco