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Found 6 results

  1. Su-27B "Flanker" Parts: 170 Weight: 25t Length: 18.1m This is one of my favorite aircraft, so I put a lot of work into making this look as close to the real thing as I could get while still having superb flight characteristics Pugachev's cobra maneuver is doable Press AG1 for afterburners Su-27 Flanker on KerbalX My other Russian aircraft replicas
  2. SU27! Yes, SU27! In this pack you can see: --- Jet Fuselage with 6 tons of fuel --- 30mm Auto-cannon with 300 units of ammunition (needs BDA) --- Cockpit with full IVA (needs ASET MOD and JSI mod to work) --- Main Wing with 3 missile racks --- Tail Fin --- UHF Antenna --- N001 Radar (thinks for the help form @XOC2008) You can also use stock parts to finish this jet - much more interesting than giving you a complete jet, right ? I am trying to make it work in FAR, which took me a lot of time to do it, but it just wouldn't work... I will be really grateful if anyone could make it work, . Oh and what's more, there are some bombs in this pack too. License: MIT Thanks for the help from all my friends who helped me finish this mod! and sorry for my poor English and Let me put a piece of my oil painting here. Download at:‘s Flanker SU-27 Gallery: ____________________________________________________________________ 1.01 update ----a main wing without racks ----some codes change
  3. So I've tweaked the airframe of my old F-2 fighter even more, and came up with this one. It's kind of a "re-do" of my F-4 Cobra, which was supposed to be the Su-27 equivalent to my F-2 Predator, which was built for close range engagements similar to the MiG-29. I've added more lifting surface and rebuilt the wings entirely, in addition to clipping a second pair of Panthers to keep reasonable performance for the added weight. Like the real Su-27, this thing is pretty massive, weighing in at 30 tons at full combat and fuel load, like the real deal. However, it's not meant to be an exact replica, and is smaller at 17m length and 11m width, although it does give off a Su-27 feel. Its main role is air superiority, and, unlike the F-2 and F-4, is a dedicated fighter without any dedicated multirole function. Estimated internal range is a little bit above 2000 km at 8700 m altitude and 250 m/s cruise speed, which can be upgraded with drop tanks, although you would have to remove the ECM pods or some armament to save weight. Maximum speed, which is of about Mach 2.5 at full throttle and half tank, is rarely used since it uses the fuel very quickly and reduces range by half. I'm currently trying to develop an interceptor version of this which would use ramjets allowing it to operate at these speeds efficiently, but my F-6 fills that role quite well for now. With ECM pods, countermeasures and sufficient armament, the F-8 can fare pretty well in a BDA AI match against other "aesthetic" fighters, but it's not really a dedicated competition fighter so don't expect too much out of it. Armament is of 8 AIM-120 and four AIM-9 in addition to two M61 Vulcan cannons. Countermeasures are three chaff and three flare pods mounted in the vertical stabilizer. Be careful when flying it, since the controls are very sensible and can easily flip the plane if you smash the S key too much at high speeds. The following image gives a good idea of what the F-8 is capable of. Notice the jet trails. While it's not as crazy as the F-2F+, the turn rate is pretty good for a plane this big. To make high speed flying easier, you can disable pitch control on the canards. Action groups: Fire weapons (Modded version only) Switch weapons (Modded version only) Toggle afterburner Download links: Stock version: F-8 Thunder STOCK.craft?dl=0 BDA version: F-8 Thunder.craft?dl=0 KerbalX page:
  4. So after not playing KSP, I came back, and somehow got the motivation to actually make something. I've always liked the sleek looks of the SU-27 and its maneuverability. Now, I call what I've created a "semi-replica" because I didn't go over measurements and scale them, and the wings are a bit off, the top slope thing is a bit long, the landing gear configuration is wrong, but I think it looks close enough to warrant having the same name. It, just like its real life counterpart, is highly maneuverable with thrust vectoring engines ( I may or may not have abused cubic octagonal struts to put two on each side). However, sharp turns under 90 m/s can stall the plane. Stall recovery is simply, simply don't touch the controls, turn on the afterburners, and you'll be good. As the root part is actually a probe core as the cockpit is slanted, crew will not be automatically assigned. To have a cockpit view of the front, your pilot will need to be placed in the second cockpit appearing on the list. If you have two kerbals in the place, click IVA on the second kerbal from the left in the bottom right corner of the screen. Action group 1 for the afterburners. DL:
  5. So I was just up one night, tired from intensive spacecraft testing (which I'll post on the WIP thread soon) and decided to throw something together... It ended up looking like a Su-27 and went, stuff it, i'm doing this. No, it can't "really" do a Pugachev's Cobra, but by definition it still has supermaneuverability, in true, slow speed russian fashion, Max speed at sea level is 285m/s, bleeds speed ridiculously in high speed turns, can do ridiculous maneuvers at low speed (<50m/s), and horibbly unreliable in 4x physics warp (at x3 its on the brink of falling apart), but physics warp is fine at high alt. Can reach 8500m in dry mode and 15000m in wet mode (17000m with low fuel). 1=Afterburner 2=Flaps 3=Close all intakes (immediate engine shut down) 0=Disable Reaction wheels and engine gimbal Sugoi 27 is the original version, Sugoi 27K has the canards on the front DL:
  6. OmniChrome's Fighter Jet Replicas So I haven't made a replica in quite some time now. I wanted that to change and since SSTOs were starting to get monotonous, I decided to make a video on some aerobatics with the replicas. I have created a replica for the f-15, f-16, f-22, f-35, and the su-27. It took me a long time to get together the video with all the clips and replicas because my recording and editing software is predisposed to crashing, but that won't be a problem anymore because I got a different one. So aside from that, enjoy my replicas! F-15 F-16 F-22 F-35 Su-27 (This is a folder of downloads that contain both a kerbpaint and a non kerbpaint version for each of my replicas. I added and adjusted certain parts for the kerbpaint versions that I wouldn't add or adjust on the non-kerbpaint version so that it looks better) (download should be right now)